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Study English at AG Mate Academy Australia


AG Mate Academy offers a number of courses, all taught by qualified and experienced teachers, across six levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced. Class sizes range from 8 - 15 students.

Our school runs English conversation courses and ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students). For students with Tourist Visas or Working Holiday Visas, The English for Second Language Course (ESL) is available full-time or part-time.


In the mornings, the students study General English from 9.00am-12.15 pm, and in the afternoons from 1.00pm-3.00pm they study Academic English (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge), or Communicative / Conversational English. There is also the option of private one-to-one tuition with any one of our fully accredited teaching staff.

Advanced Matters (English for Academic Studies)

This course has been designed for students who wish to attend a tertiary level of study, such as University or College, or further their English study at a higher level. Students will learn research methods and essay writing on a variety of topics.

Examination Preparation Courses

AG Mate also offers students the opportunity to be specially prepared for internationally recognized exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL and The Cambridge Test.


Lessons are structured in three steps


High School Preparation Course

This course is aimed at preparing younger students for Australian English-speaking high schools. Afternoon classes from 1-3pm focus on basic areas, which assist students in their high school studies. For students who have tourist visas and travel in groups we offer an English for Vacations program, which allows students to combine both study and pleasure, in order to broaden their cultural experience in Australia. Our General English courses from 9.00am-12.15pm enable students to develop the necessary grammatical and communicative skills necessary for everyday life in an English-speaking society. In the afternoon they can practise what they have studied in a cultural leisure activity in Sydney such as Sydney Harbour by ferry or Surfing Lessons.

Course Prices

ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course For Overseas Students)

25 Hours / week

A$2220 for 12 weeks, A$185 / week, or US$96 / week

A$4320 for 24 weeks, A$180 / week, or US$94 / week

A$6120 for 36 weeks, A$170 / week, or US$88 / week

A$6510 for 42 weeks, A$150 / week, or US$81 / week

(English for Second Language)

Full-time - 25 Hours / week

1 to 4 weeks A$185 / week

5 or more weeks A$150 / week

Part-time - 15 Hours / week

1 to 4 weeks A$150 / week

5 or more weeks A$120 / week

For all courses, there is an Enrolment Fee of A$150.


Upon request, AG Mate Academy is able to arrange three different types of accommodation. Students can stay with an Australian family (Homestay). Staying with a Homestay family offers room, breakfast and dinner in the home of an Australian family, plus lunch Saturday and Sunday, for $AU190 per week. It is a good, safe alternative which we recommend to younger students or to those arriving in Sydney for the first time.

Some students prefer to be more independent and rent private rooms ($AU80-140) or share an apartment. Our notice board usually has messages from people looking for a person to share a house/apartment with.

If you want cheap backpacker-style accommodation while looking for a private room, we have two alternatives - one is newly renovated and within walking distance to the city - the other is across the Harbour Bridge.

For the arrangement of Accommodation, a Booking Fee of A$150 applies.

If you have any enquiries, or would like more information on AG Mate Academy or Sydney in general, please E-mail us, and ask for one of our comprehensive brochures.

Address: AG Mate Academy Level 4, 37 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Tel: +612 9241 4134

FAX: +612 9241 4491 




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Address: AG Mate Academy Level 4, 37 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Tel: +612 9241 4134

FAX: +612 9241 4491


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