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Study Anthropology in Australia

 Anthropology at Adelaide University

Why should I study anthropology at Adelaide University

If you have asked or are interested in any of the above questions, then you should consider studying anthropology! Anthropology is the study of humanity in its total variety. One of its most important aims is to help us better understand the different ways of life which human groups have developed around them, both here in Australia and abroad. Anthropology is the broadest discipline of all the humanities and social sciences it imposes no restrictions in terms of time, space or the aspect of humankind that is analysed. The Department of Anthropology at the University of Adelaide offers a variety of subjects that address important contemporary issues in our rapidly changing world and will help you to better think about and understand your place in it. In Anthropology subjects, you will learn about the lives of people in distant societies like Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ireland and the Caribbean, but you will also study everyday life in Australia.

Anthropology subjects at Adelaide are unique in their organisation some are taught in a lecture/tutorial format, others are taught in a lecture/workshop format (allowing greater student participation in presentations and research projects) and still others are taught in a seminar format (allowing a high level of student/faculty interaction). Our subjects also introduce you to anthropology's unique research method, fieldwork, and demonstrate why it is fast becoming one of the most desired skills in more and more fields of work. Finally, our subjects offer you opportunities to pursue research topics related to you own interests our faculty are flexible and supportive and encourage you to develop knowledge in areas that you are interested in.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate with a B.A. Degree in anthropology from The University of Adelaide have gone on to a wide variety of professions. In our society, where adaptability and flexibility are increasingly necessary to succeed in the workplace, anthropology can provide a set of important skills for a variety of jobs. A number of our students go on to postgraduate studies, but many go on to quite different careers in which they find their anthropological knowledge and skills to be great assets. Some of these careers include:

  • Museums
  • Native Title and Land Claims negotiations
  • Heritage Consultancies (conducting research on histories and cultures of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities
  • Federal and State Government Departments: Education, Employment, Youth Affairs, Health, Immigration, Foreign Affairs
  • Private Consultancies (ie. research for natural resource companies on the social impact of large scale projects, developing better work environments, cultural sensitivity training)
  • Foreign Aid Programmes, International Development Programmes
  • Media (editing, reporting, documentary film-making)
  • Politics (policy research and planning)
  • Law (law reform, Native Title)
  • Medical/Health sector (research focusing on health issues for specific cultural groups, the relationship between physical/mental health and the socio-cultural environment)
  • Work Area Design and Development

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