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Avondale College of Higher Education


Avondale is unique in the Australian Higher Education system. It is a private college with distinctly Christian values and a respect for the faith and spiritual traditions of others. We are one of only two Christian higher education institutions in the country which offer our own fully accredited degrees.

We like to think that an Avondale education is an education with heart and soul. We are committed to providing education that prepares people to make a significant difference in the world. Principles of justice and equity, honesty and integrity, compassion and service are interwoven with opportunities for spiritual growth.

Why Avondale

Avondale is one of the most exciting higher education campuses in Australia. From the moment you arrive on campus as a new student until you leave, you will sense an amazing spirit of friendship that will continue throughout your studies and live on into the future. What has become known as the 'Avondale experience' is hard to describe, but ask anyone who has been here and they will agree that their experience at Avondale was among the most memorable times of their life!

Avondale is unique among higher education institutions in Australia:

Small - with just over 1,300 students you are never lost in the crowd

Private - ensuring high-level professional tuition

Christian - encouraging a strong service ethic in professionally qualified graduates.

And we:

have a long and successful history - established in 1897

offer a wide range of government accredited courses from Certificate to PhD level.

Avondale has developed a life-changing approach to higher education by combining elements of Christian faith and living with a high standard of academic achievement.

While Avondale is the senior Adventist institution in the Pacific region, we are committed to becoming the preferred provider of Christian higher education for any student from anywhere in the world who wants to study in Australia. Students from a variety of faith backgrounds can be assured that their personal beliefs will be respected and their spirituality nurtured.

Spiritual Focus

People around the world praise and worship in a variety of styles. All who worship God, do so in their own way. We encourage and endeavour to accommodate this. Worship services for Adventist students on campus take place on Saturday and, if required, transport can be provided to nearby Anglican, Uniting, Baptist, Catholic, and Charismatic churches on Sunday. A Buddhist temple is within ten minutes drive.

Adventists in the South Pacific have a vision to know, experience and share their hope in Jesus Christ. This vision expresses the collective feelings of our church members and leaders.

This spiritual vision has three parts:

1. The head knowledge (studying the Bible)

2. The heart experience (unconditional commitment to Jesus Christ and to one another)

3. The call to action (sharing our faith)

This vision is important to us because we believe:

knowing hope is to know Jesus

experiencing hope is a life with Jesus

sharing hope is introducing others to Jesus.

Avondale seeks to foster faith and spirituality and its expression in ethical living and service to others. We seek to:

lead students to know and experience the love and grace of God

ensure effective spiritual nurture and quality worship opportunities for students and staff

cultivate the relationship between spirituality and lifestyle

create opportunities for the expression of spirituality through service to others. Prepare and motivate students for service to society and church

foster a growing understanding and appreciation of the scriptures

develop a sense of belonging to a worldwide community of faith

integrate Seventh-day Adventist Christian values, faith and lifestyle throughout Avondale's activities and education program

provide for the spiritual nurture of Avondale staff.

Higher education challenges students to explore deeper levels of understanding and research into new fields of knowledge. Avondale does all of this in a way that respects a student's faith and beliefs.

Spiritual Growth

The spiritual tone on campus is alive and active. As a place of higher learning, Avondale is confidently different from secular institutions. While our world view clearly respects differences in culture and beliefs, our perspective is distinctly Christian; our lifestyle is Adventist, positive, holistic and inclusive; and our focus is a well-rounded education that can't easily be found elsewhere.

Learning, reflection and discussion among students and staff support processes of enquiry. Avondale's learning environment encourages students to seek and discover the answers to their spiritual questions.

The corporate worship experiences, music, praise and opportunities for personal devotions are appreciated as key ingredients of campus life. Friday night and Saturday morning worship events are the high points of the spiritual program for residential students and those who live nearby.

Student Life

Student Life

The Academic Year

Academic Year

Christian studies subjects

Students admitted with advanced standing who will require more than two semesters to complete a course leading to the awarding of an undergraduate degree at Avondale College must complete any two of the following subjects

Christian Studies I

Christian Studies II

Christian Studies III and variants

Or choose an equivalent number of subjects from the range of subjects offered in the Faculty of Theology.

Students who have previously taken the required number of these subjects or approved alternatives at Avondale or other institution will be exempted from the above requirements. Students admitted with advanced standing in the Bachelor of Nursing course should seek advice on Christian Studies requirements from the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health.

Bridging Subject

After your application has been processed you will be advised if you need to attend the Chemistry Bridging subject.

Text Books Costs

Text books are available from the Avondale Book Shop. Textbook costs are estimated below: Subject Period Fee

Preparatory Studies per sem $250 AUD

All Other Courses per sem $400 AUD

Fee Payment

Fee payments are to be made in Australian dollars.

Details of tuition fees and accommodation costs will be forwarded to Applicants in the letter of offer.

If paying by instalments, half of each semester's fees are to be paid at the beginning of each semester and the balance in monthly instalments.

Financial Assistance

A wide range of financial assistance options exist for students.

General Enquiries

Lake Macquarie Campus

Phone: +61 2 4980 2222



582 Freemans Drive/PO Box 19

Cooranbong NSW 2265

Sydney Campus

From Australia: 02 9487 9630

From outside Australia:

+61 2 9487 9630

Address: 185 Fox Valley Road


http: //



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