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Study at Canning College Australia

CRICOS Provider Code: 00463B Perth, Western Australia Established - 1982 

Pathways to University

Canning College, located in Perth (ranked as one of the Worlds best cities, Economist) is a senior college in Department of Education and Training. Canning specialises in providing university entrance pathways to local and international students. Perth Is a modern western style city of about 1.7 million people. It is large enough to offer residents the full range of efficient services and facilities but not big enough to suffer from problems such as pollution, traffic congestion and so on. The Mediterranean type climate provides a comfortable natural environment. In general, Perth offers international students a welcoming, friendly and safe environment where they can enjoy a high quality education and lifestyle at reasonable cost. Perth is also at the centre of a dynamic economy mining and associated industries provide excellent employment opportunities. People from throughout Australia and other countries come to Perth, Western Australia to Live, Work and Study.

Canning's Programs Canning offers senior secondary, Certificate lV and higher education diploma programs. Senior Secondary Programs: 1. WA Universities Foundation Program is the equivalent to Year 12 and successful completion provides students with a guaranteed place at one of WAs excellent public universities The University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology. Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University. The Foundation program is also accepted by universities throughout Australia and overseas. The extensive selection of subjects provides students with the opportunity to prepare for any university course such as medicine, engineering, commerce, pharmacy, law, sciences (all areas), computing etc. The program is available for entry in January or April each year. Admission is based on English proficiency (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent) and academic background equivalent to a pass at Year 11 level. Curtin Stream Foundation Program is designed for students wanting to proceed to a undergraduate course at Curtin. 2. Year 12 WACE is the course local students undertake to matriculate to university and is available to international students. It is also offered in a January or April entry mode. The Year 12 WACE program offers a wider selection of subjects than the Foundation program, especially in the arts/humanities area. Year 12 WACE also provides students with pathways to vocational courses at TAFEWA. Admission, as above. Scholarships A range of Western Australian government Department of Education and Training academic awards are offered to top students entering a Foundation or Year 12 WACE Program. Contact Canning College for further information. Final results in both programs are determined by a combination of College marks and performance in a final external examination.

Library / Learning Centre

  3. Bridging Programs (including Year 11 Bridging to Foundation) are available for students requiring academic and/or English language upgrading. The length of the course depends on the individual needs of the student. Entry dates are available in January, April, July, September and November. Subjects offered are at Year 11 level and relate to those offered in Foundation and Year 12 programs.

Final results are based on internal assessments.


Modern facilities Higher Education Diploma Program Canning College offers Diploma of Commerce programs. 1. Diploma of Commerce: Curtin Stream is the equivalent to Year 1, Bachelor of Commerce at the highly regarded Curtin University of Technology. Successful completion of the diploma guarantees the student a place in Year 2 Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin. 2. Diploma of Commerce: UWA Stream is the equivalent to Year 1, Bachelor of Commerce or Economics at The University of Western Australia (UWA) a Group of 8 and 5 star rated university. Successful completion of the diploma provides the student with a guaranteed place into Year 2 of UWAs Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Economics.

Advantages of Canning's diploma programs

1. Small lecture and tutorial classes ensure personalised teaching.

2. Student centred teaching techniques prepare students for university style learning.

3. Experienced university lecturers.

4. Excellent pastoral care services including a mentoring program.

5. Scholarships available to both Curtin and UWA for top students.

Admission Requirements

English Proficiency IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, pass at Year 11 level in an English medium school system. Academic completion of secondary schooling. Examples A Levels, AS Levels, KCSE, ZimSec, Year 12, Foundation, ZSE, Certificate lV, HKALE, Senior Middle 3, SMU 3, STPM, IB (Insert dip grad pic) Certificate lV (Commerce) Higher Education Preparation Course. The Certificate lV course offers students an express pathway to university or diploma level courses. The intensive 6 month course is at Year 12 level and provides successful students with access to Diploma courses at Canning or first year entry to universities including Curtin University of Technology, Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University. Entry times are January, April, July and September. Entry requirements: English IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. Academic satisfactory results at Year 11 level (eg O Levels, SPM, SMA 2 etc) Packaged Programs Canning College has close links with universities and English language colleges in Perth and can arrange packaged programs including Elicos and university courses. Elicos schools with which Canning links include: Perth International College of English, English First, St Marks International College, CELT University of Western Australia, CELC Curtin, Language Links. Foundation / Year 12 WACE programs can be packaged through to UWA, Curtin, Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University. Certificate lV courses can be packaged with Curtin University of Technology. Diploma of Commerce programs can be packaged through to Curtin and UWA. The Diploma of Commerce: Curtin Stream can also be packaged with Curtin's Miri campus (Malaysia). Canning College its features and services



Excellent Library facilities including a dedicated Learning Centre Campus accommodation services including student villages
State of the art computing centre and open access to computer services Dedicated international office to service the special needs of overseas students
Recreation Centre Comprehensive orientation program
Multicultural campus with and adult ethos Assistance with university placement
Modern well equipped classrooms Free airport reception services
Student centred teaching practices Care program for under 18 aged students
Extensive choice of programs and subjects Prayer room for Islamic students
Quality assurance and security of a government college Learning support and study skills courses

Library provides digital and printed information sources. All services are included in the tuition fee there are no additional costs for services or facilities.

Fees  all fees correct at the time of publication. Diploma of Commerce Programs per semester A$7,600 per semester. Students in the UWA Stream pay an additional A$1,425 per Bridging Unit. Certificate lV (Commerce) 2010 A$10,900 (20 weeks); Single Unit A$1,090 Senior Secondary Programs

WA Universities Foundation Program/ Year 12 (TEE)/ Year 11 A$14,200
April Entry Year 11 A$10,900


18 Weeks

15 Weeks

8 Weeks

4 Weeks








Cafeteria and Recreation Centre Further Information: Local representatives see website for contacts in your country. Canning College Tel: (61 8) 93515665 Fax: (618) 93561119




Diploma of Commerce: Graduation 2009.

Further Information: Local representatives see website for contacts in your country. Canning College Tel: (61 8) 93515665 Fax: (618) 93561119

Email: Website:



Further Information: Local representatives see website for contacts in your country. Canning College

Tel: (61 8) 93515665

Fax: (618) 93561119