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Secondary Colleges in Australia

Cheltenham Secondary College

Cheltenham Secondary College is well reflected in the statement:

"Tradition and Excellence in a Caring, Disciplined Environment"

Founded in 1959, Cheltenham Secondary College is a single campus, Year 7 to 12 co-educational college of over 1100 students.  The college motto is 'Health and Learning'.  The college is committed to providing comprehensive, relevant and challenging programs that enable all students to work towards achieving their potential and to be responsible and contributing citizens of Australia and the World.

The college values personal growth and responsibility, inclusion and social justice, lifelong learning (to learn, to know, to be and to live together), experiential learning and e-learning.

The College is bordered by a residential area, a light industrial zone and a large shopping complex (Westfield Southland), with both Monash University and Holmesglen TAFE Moorabbin Campus in close proximity.  The College is well serviced by several forms of public transport, including bus services and the Cheltenham and Moorabbin railway stations.

Many enrolments are from outside the College's designated zone.  During the last few years, student enrolments have stabilised at about 1170.  Enrolments also include a cohort of overseas fee paying students thus adding further to the multicultural nature of the college. 

Cheltenham Secondary College has a dedicated, well-qualified staff who are committed to the best outcomes for students and who support the ethos of the College. 

The College maintains traditional values linked to the dress code/uniform, strong discipline and a supportive welfare structure.

The College has restructured to two sub-schools in 2006, a Middle School (Years 7-9) and a Senior School (Years 10-12).  Our Middle School is developing as a community of thinkers equipped with the skills and attributes to inquire and learn about their world and make a significant contribution to it.  Our Year 7s undergo an extensive transition program which welcomes and assimilates them into our community, and our Year 8s and 9s develop the skills of leadership in a variety of ways.  Our Year 10s have access to VCE Units 1, 2 subjects and work more efficiently in a larger focussed Senior School dedicated to finding the most appropriate VCE/VET learning pathway for every student.  The success of every student is vital to us.

The Year 12 pass rate is very high and the vast majority of students go on to further study.  Some students take up apprenticeships and traineeships or transfer to a senior campus college after Year 10. 

Cheltenham provides students with many opportunities to develop their talents outside of the classroom.  An extensive co-curricular activities program exists.

The College takes a very high profile in inter-school competitions (especially sport and debating), has an extensive instrumental music program, a Year 12 Leaders program, a Student Representative Council, Form Captains, and an invaluable peer support program.

Three diverse sister school exchanges exist and expand the opportunities of students;  they include an overseas cultural exchange, a music/drama/debating exchange in a rural setting and an interstate exchange which focuses on competitive and co-operative programs.

The College welcomes and actively encourages parent participation in their children's schooling through the College Council and its range of subcommittees and the Parents and Friends Association.  The College has strategic links with the City of
Kingston, Kingston and Districts Netball Association, the Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN), various Rotary Clubs, RSL and welfare organisations.

In 2003 Stage One of a four-stage master plan was completed with the construction of a two-court gymnasium and the creation of a Performing Arts Centre. 
The College has recently completed a large Technology centre and is earmarked for

major upgrades to Arts and Science in the near future. 

Overseas Students

Cheltenham Secondary College is accredited to accept full fee-paying overseas students.  In recent years, students have enrolled from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia.

Fee paying students from overseas have been welcomed into Cheltenham Secondary School since 1980. Cheltenham was one of the first school in Australia to provide this opportunity.

Overseas students come to Australia to immerse themselves in Australian culture, living with Australian families.  They do so to improve their English and to qualify for entry into further education here or in their home countries. 

Significant mutual benefit is derived from the international program by overseas students and our own students alike.

At Cheltenham Secondary College, our experienced Overseas Students Co-ordinator takes responsibility for:

  • providing and monitoring appropriate homestays
  • providing reception at the Airport
  • monitoring the progress and welfare of overseas students

English as a Second Language is provided at Cheltenham Secondary College to assist overseas students with their studies.

Information Technology

Cheltenham Secondary College has a fully networked information technology system available to all classes at all levels.

    4 computer rooms where one-to-one access is provided

    library computer centre where any students or classes in the library can utilise computers

    graphics computer centrewhere computer use is integrated into a graphics classroom

    small groups of computers are located close to other curriculum area classrooms:

      media computer centrewhere digital and analogue video, audio and graphics are combined

      visual art computer centrewhere Macintosh technology is used for image scanning, and enhancement

      an Italian computer centre where CDs and other software support language learning

      a business studies centre

      computers in English classrooms

      computers in Science Labs

    The network enables computers any wherein the school to:

      access a large library of networked reference CD's

      search the library catalogue

      search the internet

      save work to secure student folders

    the school web site allows students to 

      access a secure school intranet where teachers leave copies of assignments and support materials

      copy their school work to their home computer and resubmit changes over the internet

Access to the Internet is carefully monitored for content and purpose.  Students are permitted to use the internet for school related tasks ONLY.

Other resources available to enhance the collects

  • Laptop computersare available for teachers to borrow on behalf of students for locations beyond the school network.
  • Multimedia projectors are used to enable teachers to provide presentations to classes from their own laptops or the school computers.
  • Digital still camera, movie "web" cameras, digital video cameras
  • Scannersin many rooms to enable image capture
  • Fast multipage scannerfor staff to encourage compilation of curriculum resources on-line for students



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