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Christian Brothers College

11 Westbury Street

St Kilda East VIC3183

Tel: 03 9529 6611



Key Details

Type: Catholic

Level: Secondary

Gender: Boys

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Scholarships: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Welcome to Christian Brothers' College

Founded by the Christian Brothers in 1878 in the Edmund Rice tradition our College has taught generations of inner-city Melbourne boys. Having more than 130 years of service as a Catholic secondary school has given us a special sense of purpose and a respected and meaningful place in the Melbourne community. The school has beautifully preserved nineteenth-century buildings at the heart of the campus – but the greatest reminder of tradition lies in the ethic and spirit of the boys conduct. There is something in the traditions and life of the College that encourages very good manners and kindness. Providing our students the very best in education while also helping them to become fine human beings is what CBC St Kilda is all about.

A Tradition of Educating Boys

We live in a complex and fast paced world that requires our young men to have important moral frameworks social skills as well as independence in learning and empathy and sensitivity toward others. We once thought that maleness was pretty straightforward but we now understand that boys are incredibly diverse people. Young men are interested in the arts social justice and community. They need opportunities to explore the world of music other cultures as well as play on the sporting field. CBC has led the way by recognising that strength graciousness and gentleness are compatible and having energy and being robust does not exclude humility Kindness or sensitivity.

Year 7 & 8

CBC St Kilda provides a diverse curriculum option for students in Years 7 and 8. The College believes in creating learning opportunities in every aspect of a boy's school day so that our students can build strong understanding and skills in reflecting on themselves as a learner. In Year 7 the curriculum is integrated and grouped into main learning categories that allow students to make links between traditional subject areas and create real connections to their own experiences. Moving on from the more integrated course offered at Year 7 the program focuses on building particular learning capacities which support student learning and achievement. These include the ability to: be resourceful learners show perseverance and resilience when facing new concepts and developing new understandings undertake reflective processes to improve learning and develop effective interpersonal learning skills which will encourage cooperative work with their peers and with other facilitators in the learning process such as teachers community organisations external experts and presenters.

Year 9

Students spend their Year 9 at the Balaclava Campus to enable a program that does not follow a standard timetable. 'Quest' focuses on the local Balaclava community to investigate the areas of Religious Education economics History geography english and social relationships. 'Wellbeing' is designed to provide students with a program that explores mental and physical health. The main disciplines of Religious Education english Humanities information & Communications Technology mathematics physical Education and Science are all covered in these integrated programs. Students are also presented with Interest Studies that they can elect to complete covering the areas of Art drama italian japanese journalism media music physical Education and Science.

Senior Studies Program

CBC provides a carefully and seamlessly integrated Senior Pathways Program for our students in Years 10 and 12. The College is committed to ensuring that our students are motivated and focused in their learning. The Senior School focus is about giving the students the tools they need to develop self-confidence in their abilities. Students in VCE Year 11 and VCE Year 12 are eligible to partake in further enhancement studies: In Year 11 a student may study a Year 12 subject and in Year 12 a student may enrol in University Enhancement Study. Students may also enrol in a VET study or VCAL as part of their VCE program.

Co-Curricular Activities

CBC offers a range of co-curricular activities for its students including sports and music programs as well as opportunities for travel. Students can participate in swimming athletics cross country cricket tennis volleyball football soccer table tennis Hockey and basketball. CBC competes in co-curricular competitions including chess debating and music workshops and there are many clubs students can join. The College operates a number of ensembles and bands including Junior Band senior Band and Rock Band. There are also Specialist teachers who teach guitar percussion (drums) and piano. Students are also given the opportunity to embark on overseas excursions and year-level retreats which encourage personal development leadership and growth.


Academic Achievement

CBC continues to be a place where all students are provided with a stable learning environment ensuring that high achievement is well within reach of our boys. Our 2011 students achieved some excellent results with 42% of ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) above 70 and several students above 90 of which we are very proud. In relation to individual scores our accelerated studies program continues to deliver outstanding results with 7 of the school’s top ten results going to Year 11 students. These top ten results were spread across four subject areas reflecting the school’s attention towards programs tailored to suit individual needs.


Christian Brothers' College St Kilda has established a range of academic scholarships to encourage the enrolment of the best possible student to the College or to encourage students already enrolled at CBC.

Personal Tours

Please contact enrolments to arrange a personal tour of the school.



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