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Study at Flinders University Australia

Flinders University offers a dynamic and innovative learning and research environment.  The University is located in the capital city of Adelaide - a vibrant and attractive city with a high quality of life and a lower cost of living than in Australia's other major cities. The campus is 12 kilometres south of the city centre in a safe, attractive location. Regular public transport operates from the campus to the city, the nearby beaches and one of the largest shopping malls in the southern hemisphere. The 180 hectare campus is one of Australia's most beautiful, offering panoramic views of the city, coast and suburbs. The University provides on-campus accommodation for over 500 students  as well as a full range of facilities.  The Good Universities Guide for 2003 edition, awards Flinders a maximum star rating for on-campus support services, staff to student ratios, graduates getting a job, total graduate outcomes and the educational experience.

There are currently students from more than 75 countries on our Adelaide campus, making up 12% of the total student population of 14,667.

This is what our international students have to say about their study experiences:

Mette Groenkjaer - Denmark 


I studied the Master of Nursing at Flinders University to enhance my knowledge and skills and thereby improve my employment opportunities in pursuing an interesting and challenging career.

I chose Flinders because it has an excellent nursing school and the programs are internationally renowned.  I also wanted to study abroad, travel and experience Australia and Flinders provided very good service and information in that regard.

Studying in Australia is greatly influenced by the multicultural aspects of the society, a major advantage and a rewarding experience which assists in developing an open mind and an international understanding.

I have especially enjoyed the academic diversity and global context of my studies at Flinders.

Although I haven't found studying in Australia difficult, it is very challenging studying in a country so far away from home.

The best things about Adelaide are the beaches, the beautiful natural environment and the lively city.

Kuniko Ishihara - Japan 


I am studying the Bachelor of Nursing at Flinders to broaden my horizons and better learn how to take care of patients.  I also want to improve my English.

Studying in Australia is different from studying at home because there is a greater emphasis on independent study.  To study successfully requires motivation and to ask for help when it is needed. I enjoy meeting the many international students who come from other countries to study at Flinders.

The best thing about Adelaide are the views which are beautiful.

Catherine Chu - Malaysia

I'm studying Medicine at Flinders.  It was always my dream to study medicine since I was very young.

I particularly liked the excellent service provided by the International Office.  I met  one of the staff at an education exhibition in Johor Bahru and  she was very helpful and showed genuine interest in me rather than treat me like just another student number.

Studying in Australia is extremely different than in Malaysia.  There is more verbal interaction between students and their lecturers and tutors, both academically and socially.  Study is definitely more independent versus being spoon-fed.  It's not just about memorising textbooks word for word but really understanding concepts and the background to my studies.

The best part of studying in Australia is its "laid-backness", the friendly locals and, mostly Australia's "livable" environment. Also, the chance to mix with and learn from different cultures other than my own, be it Australian, Scandinavian, American etc.  Unlike some other places, Adelaide is very livable and student-friendly in terms of finances, weather, size of city etc.  I could go on and on...

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