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IDP Education Australia & Australia Education International
 A recent study by IDP Education Australia and Australian Education International* has shown that Australian universities offer high quality tuition that is more affordable than the UK and the US. The study, which examined more than 3,000 courses across all of Australia's universities plus a range of universities in the UK and US,  provides an accurate comparison of costs for international students. A Bachelor degree in Business, Arts or Science is more affordable in Australia than in the UK and US. Australian tuition fees are up to 70 per cent lower than fees in the US. -The cost of a Masters degree in Australia can be up to $30,000 less than a similar program in a private institution in the US. -The total cost of a PhD program in Business, Arts or Science in Australia is lower than in the UK and US. -As well as having lower tuition fees, Australian Bachelor and PhD  degrees take only three years compared with four years in the US. Students in the US must finance an additional year of tuition fees as  well as an extra year of living costs. Therefore total costs of courses in US institutions (public and private) are higher than in Australia living Costs Australia offers a high standard of living in a  safe, friendly and stimulating study  environment, at a lower .UK cost than the UK and US. Australia  Research by an internationally recognised consultancy group shows that the cost of living is significantly lower in Australia.

The living costs surveyed include accommodation, food, transport, clothing, fuel, power, telephone and other additional costs. Tuition fees are not included. The figures for living costs are based on the average expenditure by actual international students surveyed in the three countries. Costs for individual students will  depend on their own lifestyle. Survey Details "Median" fees have been used as the basis for comparison. The "median" fee is the middle range fee, between the minimum and maximum fee. The median tuition fees have been calculated from samples including all universities in Australia, the 47 universities in the UK with the largest enrolments of international  students, and the 50 universities in the US with the largest enrolments of international students. The sample of 50 US universities includes 33 publicly funded universities and 14 private universities. Due to the substantial differences in the tuition fees of public and private universities in the US, these universities were analysed as two separate groups. The study analysed 3,146 courses at the Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels. The exchange rate used in the study at 1 June 2001: 1 Australian Dollar = $US 0.54; 1 Pound Sterling = $US 1.46.