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Le Cordon Bleu Australia Pty Ltd


Le Cordon Bleu, the world's foremost school for teaching classical French cuisine. Le Cordon Bleu operates 35 schools in 20 countries in such prestigious locations as Paris, London, Tokyo, Ottawa and Sydney. Le Cordon Bleu also offers international business management training through its specialised academic programs in Adelaide, Australia. These programs include a Bachelor's degree in International Hotel or Restaurant Management, an MBA in International Hotel and Restaurant Business and a Master of International Hospitality Management program. Le Cordon Bleu is now also offering an Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree in Culinary Management that is partnered with Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

History and Special Features

International students of over 80 nationalities come to Le Cordon Bleu with a willingness and enthusiasm to share their cultures. The schools reach includes nations in North and South America, Europe, as well as Australia, India, Indonesia Lebanon, Israel, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Contributing to this diversity, students have the opportunity to share their cultural background in a culinary context. In the hallways of the schools, conversations in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese can be heard all expressing a common passion for the culinary arts.

As graduates of Le Cordon Bleu, it opens up access to a worldwide network of alumni covering the four corners of the globe. The average Le Cordon Bleu student is 23 years old, but ages range from 18 to 60+. Professionals, amateurs and gastronomic enthusiasts come to Le Cordon Bleu for a superior culinary and business management education. The great majority all of whom strive towards careers in professional kitchens, catering, restaurant and hotel management, consulting, food service and education. Graduates professional aspirations and future successes add to the dynamic world-wide base of alumni.

Hospitality & Business Management School:

Adelaide, Australia
 Seoul, Korea

Culinary Arts Schools:

  • Paris, France
  • London, UK
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Tokyo & Kobe Japan
  • Sydney, Australia;
  • Lima, Peru
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Mexico, Mexico
  • Dusit, Thailand

Culinary Management School:

  • Melbourne, Australia;
  • Sydney, Australia;

Faculties /Fields of Study

Le Cordon Bleu, Australia offers an intensive international program for students to gain their Bachelor degree in International Hotel, Restaurant or Culinary Management in a compressed program, over three years. These unique programs also allow for continuing education to postgraduate studies for a Masters degree in Business Administration International Hotel & Restaurant Business or International Hospitality Management.

Adelaide at  University of South Australia

- Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management);

- Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management);

- MBA (International Hotel & Restaurant Management)

- Master of International Hospitality Management

Melbourne at Victoria University

- Associate Degree of Culinary Management

- Bachelor of Business Culinary Management


Sydney at Northern Sydney Institute Ryde College

- Basic Cuisine

- Intermediate Cuisine

- Superior Cuisine

- Basic Patisserie

- Intermediate Patisserie

- Superior Patisserie

- Advanced Diploma of Hospitality (Commercial Cookery or Patisserie)

English Language Courses

Le Cordon Bleu works with a number of English Language Centers and Foundation programs in South Australia and New South Wales that offer a range of academic and general programs for vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Contact Le Cordon Bleu for the list of recognized providers and specialized programs.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor degrees

 Academic IELTS 6.0 (no band lower than 5.5) or TOFEL 547

 Successful completion Australian Year 12 or equivalent

 18 years of age

 Masters degrees

 Academic IELTS 6.5 (no band lower than 6.0) or TOFEL 550

 Bachelor degree and/or relevant years of work experience (differs between Masters programs)

 18 years of age

Professional Chef Program:

 IELTS 5.5 (no band lower than 5.0) or TOFEL 530

 Successful completion of Australian Year 11 or equivalent

 18 years of age

Enrolment Procedures

Bachelor or Master Degrees

Completed and signed Application form

Supporting academic transcripts/work experience

English Evidence

Masters courses require detailed resume and references

Professional Chef program

Completed and signed Application form

Supporting academic transcripts/work experience

English Evidence

Important Dates / Academic Year



Bachelor and Masters programs: January & July (Melbourne March & August)

Professional Chef Program: January, April, July & October

Support Services and Facilities

To support students success in study, the Le Cordon Bleu program provides excellent amenities and support services. To enrich students time with Le Cordon Bleu, and to support success in study, excellent amenities and support services are provided to both domestic and international students.

Examples of these services in the Australian Schools -

Counseling and Learning Support Staff, Accommodation Service, Learning Resource Centre-extensive library and data-base research facilities, Bookshop, Employment Referral Service, Health Care Centre residential doctors on campus, Disability Support, Students Association, Modern Cafeteria, Language programs for people whom English is a Second Language, Electronic Banking Facilities (ATM),Airport Reception.

Tuition Fees

English for Le Cordon Bleu (20 weeks) Aus$5,200 (Varies between English Language Providers)

Bachelor & Masters

Associate Degree of Culinary Management: Aus47,000*

Bachelor of Business Culinary Management: Aus$69,000*

Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management): Aus$62,400

Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management): Aus$62,400

MBA (International Hotel & Restaurant Management): Aus$31,200

Master of International Hospitality Management: $34,210

* These fees are subject to approval and may change.

Professional Culinary Programs


Certificate 1 Basic Aus$7,600

Certificate 2 Intermediate Aus$7,800

Certificate 3 Superior Aus$9,600


Certificate 1 Basic Aus$7,600

Certificate 2 Intermediate Aus$7,800

Certificate 3 Superior Aus$9,600

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality: Aus$47,000

Tuition fees vary from each culinary programs - contact office for details.

Note: Fees do not include administration and equipment costs

Student Achievements

Le Cordon Bleu graduates are sought after by top hospitality businesses, international hotel chains and restaurants due to their high level of industry related expertise in business management and culinary arts.

Le Cordon Bleu celebrates students graduating the Management programs by showcasing them through Graduates at Your Service which goes out to industry worldwide. We also share success stories on the Le Cordon Bleu website and promote job opportunities through an Alumni Portal.

Overseas Agents

Le Cordon Bleu has representatives in a number of countries, for further information on details for a representative near you please contact Le Cordon Bleu Australia on:

Tel: (618) 8346 3700

Fax: (618) 8346 3755

Website: http: //


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