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Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School

213 Wonga Road

Warranwood VIC3134

Tel: 03 9876 2633

Email: au

Website: au

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Early Learning: Yes

A place where childhood is treasured where human striving is revered

Our educational programs are conducted in beautifully designed buildings set in leafy grounds. Our staff share a dedication to helping young people realize their best potential as fine free human beings capable of really making the world a better place. The fundamental strengths of our modern culture are intrinsic to our education: we use art music and clear thought that is enhanced by science and mathematics in all of our teaching. At every stage of the child’s education warm appreciation for their achievements and encouragement to work on further with the activity at hand is basic to our approach with the students. We value above all else teaching practice which is founded upon loving interest in our students and from this example the children work together in an atmosphere of communal appreciation and affection for one another.

Welcoming the child to the community

Our kindergarten is the bridge between home and school – a warm inviting place of creative play beauty tactile inspiration and the challenges that are met as the children learn to become part of the larger community.

Awakening the child's love for the world

The Primary Class Teacher journey is a time for adventure of discovery of engaging through imagination and the many happy social interactions between the youngsters. In the primary classes the students love to study examples of intelligence and fine human endeavour and gradually this leads them to develop their own sense of justice and truth. Through this work they develop a capacity to enquire deeply into their surroundings and to form their own well- founded understanding of the world.

The adventure: Learning to understand the world

High School students participate in our set curriculum until year 10. There are a wide variety of subjects that we regard as the core studies for our society. Our curriculum often extends outside the school premises for example with the extensive outdoor education program which promotes self reliance and the students’ ability to enter into the intrinsic value of ‘place’ in our natural environment. We help the students to meet and use the latest technology whilst encouraging and developing their individual capacity for analytic critical reflection. Through the study of ideologies and cultures it is our intent to imbue students with a reverence and wonder for human life and the realities of nature.

Loving Community

Education can be an experience of loving community of encouragement to grow in every aspect of our human nature in thought feeling and deed. It can be training towards living all of our life now and into our future fully and creatively. This is what we aspire to provide for our students.


Information Mornings

Friday May 10th &

Friday June 14th

9. 30 am in the Acorn Room


Enrolment applications are invited for 2013

Open Day & Fair

Saturday November 16 . 00 am - 4. 00 pm.   This is a lovely day to visit our school and see our children's journey.

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