The University of Melbourne in Australia


Over the years, the University of Melbourne has established itself as one of the finest in Australia, if not the world. This is achieved by progressive management, realistic visions for the future and strategic collaborations. Here you will find comprehensive plans that underpin the continuing success of the University.

The VISION is of a University of Melbourne international in character and focus, and world class in the staff and students it attracts, the research and scholarship it produces and the academic standards to which it adheres; a university adding immense intellectual, cultural and professional energy to the City of Melbourne, and serving Victoria and Australia by performing and being acknowledged as one of the finest universities in the world.

A great university is above all, about knowledge. It is a place where existing knowledge is valued and shared, and where new knowledge is created. It is also a collegial community. The University of Melbourne is a dynamic research-driven community which offers a wealth of cultural, institutional and recreational opportunities for social interaction, leadership and personal development. It is an environment in which students will be challenged to extend themselves intellectually and creatively, so that graduates are prepared for the 21st century and are at home anywhere in the world.   Excellence

  • Students are taught by academics at the cutting edge of their fields, ensuring exposure to current developments and trends.

  • Excellence in teaching is supported and developed through a range of programs underpinned by the University's goal of creating and maintaining a campus-based teaching and learning environment of the highest quality.
  • We aim to ensure that all graduates are international in their perspective, so that they are able to take their place with ease in any international environment.
  • With its prestigious international links and reputation, the University is a preferred destination for high quality staff from both Australia and around the world.
  • Distinguished teachers and researchers, including two Nobel Laureates, have taught at the University in recent years.
Student Focussed
  • As one of Australia's oldest universities (established in 1853), the University of Melbourne has a long history of welcoming international students and, therefore, a sophisticated understanding of the infrastructure and specialised support required for overseas students. 
Career Outcomes
  • A Melbourne degree is highly regarded by employers, many of whom actively recruit on campus including: Accenture Consulting, Hewlett Packard Consulting, HSBC, KPMG Consulting, Microsoft, Pricewaterhousecoopers, and Samsung.
  • An International Careers Consultant is available to assist international employers recruit students who are interested in returning home or gaining employment abroad.
  • The University of Melbourne provides an exciting campus based environment, which is committed to providing cultural and intellectual stimulation. 
  • Students have the opportunity to attend public lectures by international speakers, museum exhibitions and theatrical performances. 
  • Participation in a variety of clubs representing all interests, pastimes and cultures is encouraged.


The City of Melbourne

When considering Australia as a study destination, think

Melbourne - voted the world's most liveable city

by the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit in 2002.

  • As the gateway to Victoria, Melbourne enjoys an international reputation as a global city on a path to growing prosperity.

  • Proudly pre-eminent in business, international trade, arts entertainment, sport and major international events, the city of Melbourne is home to around 50,000 people and welcomes more than 400,000 workers, visitors and tourists every day. The greater Melbourne population is 3.5 million.

  • Celebrating a rich multicultural diversity, Melbournes residents combine to represent 110 nationalities and speak 151 languages.

  • Melbournes strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region and its central role in decision-making and coordination for Victoria, is helping to build cooperative business and trade partnerships and to bring research and development, innovation and international investment to the city. (Source: City of Melbourne, Annual Report 19992000.)

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The University of Melbourne



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