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Paramount Training and Development

Real solutions for real situations. Great for groups & teams. You can select multiple courses or modules to help make your own employee course.

With a range of different courses and different modules we give you the opportunity to pick which ones will best suit your employees.

A range of business services available to help provide that extra edge. Value Chain. Lean Thinking, Change Management and more.

Are you looking for a short course for one Many one day courses for individuals or small groups will be here in January. Workplace solutions for individuals.

Paramount Training & Development deliver training Australia wide for airline companies, retail stores, office managers, public relations, media, hospitality, building material suppliers, motor vehicle dealers, telecommunication leaders, mining organisations, transportation, government departments plus many more.

Paramount Training and Development provide a wealth of knowledge for increasing potential within people. Our trainers are members of the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) and The International Customer Service Association (ICSA).

We believe that fun is an important part of the learning process and strive to provide a high performance learning environment in which individuals retain information easier.

We cater for all ages with new and interesting methods to impress those with different attention spans. By using Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic training materials we can keep everyone awake and ready for action.

As a Private Training Organisation, PTD can provide training that works. With Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques we can create high performance individuals that gain experience in our courses, and that helps you in your business. We can help create a positive attitude, increase confidence, broaden ability and develop motivation.

Paramount Training and Development consider individuals as an important part to every business and what greater resource is there in Australia than the Human Resource

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Paramount Training & Development Perth ● Sydney ● Melbourne ● Adelaide ● Brisbane ● Canberra

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