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Study Physics in Australia

Physics at UNSW

Sydney is Australia's biggest and most physical city. One side is lined with surfing beaches, the other with mountains and huge national parks for bushwalking. In between, two kilometres from Coogee Beach, is Australia's best place for studying physics. 

The Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) contains the largest School of Physics in Australia, with a scope in undergraduate courses that stretches far beyond the city's broad  boundaries. At the big end of the spectrum, you can study some of the 250,000 galaxies that ate being surveyed by our astronomers. At the small end, you can join our theoretical physicists as they pry into the secrets of the atomic nucleus, or you can take courses leading to the tiny but fast- growing world of nanotechnology. In the middle, you can choose from hundreds of courses linking physics with engineering, law, medicine, commerce, biological, environmental  and life sciences, and arts and social sciences.

"Because UNSW recognises the importance of physics in developing and maintaining a modern nation, we have ensured that our School of Physics offers the widest range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australia,'' said Professor Colin  Sutherland, Dean of UNSW's Faculty of Science and Technology.

''Our strong research program keeps the school staff on top of the latest developments in physics, which means they are able to deliver undergraduate courses that are right up to date," Professor Sutherland said. The Australian Government has recently made a commitment to upgrading scientific education, in which physics will playa leading role. UNSW is ideally placed to benefit from, and contribute to, this Government initiative. Particular emphasis is on information technology and photonics (or opto-electronics). Basic and applied research in these areas is expected to lead to further technologies, such as solar energy and hydrogen generation.

The Best Place to Live

Especially since the 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney is regarded by all who visit it as one of the world's best place to live. It has good infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment, a great cultural diversity and, particularly in the vicinity of UNSW, many inexpensive eating places. For international students, the cost of studying physics, as part of the UNSW science curriculum, is $A15,600 per year in 2001.

Some on-campus accommodation is available for $A200 to $A230 per week, and external accommodation and other living expenses are typically $A240 per: ' week. Living with an Australian family (meals included) starts at about $A180 per week. Student clubs offer a wide range of activities, especially sporting - ' from skiing to scuba diving.

As a lifestyle destination, Sydney is hard"  to beat. It is warm-to-hot in summer and never freezes in winter. If you are feeling hardy, you can surf all year round. If not, Australia's Snowy Mountain ski., fields are less than a day's drive to the south. You are never far from home - all physics students at UNSW have free  access to the Internet and their own e-mail address.

A New Home!

We should warn you about one thing if you are thinking of coming to Sydney: most people who come don't want to leave!

But if you study physics in Sydney, you  will acquire  a scientific tool that will give you a running start in all the hi-tech industries and ideas of this new century. .

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