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Study Public Health at The University of Adelaide, Australia

Master of Health Economics and Policy

This his new degree offered jointly by the University of Adelaide Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of the Professions provides specialisation in the related fields of health economics, health policy and health care management with a particular focus on international health systems. Graduates will develop the capacity to design health reform programs, analyse policy effectiveness, perform economic evaluations of health care interventions, and identify challenges for policy implementation and governance issues by combining management skills with a sound knowledge of economics and public health policies. The flexible structure of the course allows students to tailor their studies according to their educational background or career aspirations, focusing on the economic, health policy or management aspects of health care delivery and planning in countries at different stages of development.

Who should study this new program

Our course is designed for students with or without a background in economics. There is a worldwide shortage of health economists so our graduates can expect to find employment in Ministries of Health around the world, health insurance funds, the pharmaceutical industry, management consultancies, academia and international organisations.

Why study the Master of Health Economics and Policy

The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to undertake health economic evaluations and advise on health policy making, implementation and management in a wide range of contexts in both developed and developing countries. It will strengthen student's effectiveness in their policy making roles or their management of public sector relationships.

Program Structure


 2 years full-time or equivalent part-time

 Students with an economics background can apply for credit up to 12 units for prior coursework reducing the program duration to 1.5 years

Entry requirements:

 Bachelor of Economics at the University of Adelaide or equivalent

 Students without a Bachelor of Economics degree will have to complete the Graduate Certificate in Economics at the University of Adelaide (12 units, 6 months duration) before being admitted to the Masters program. These courses will fully count towards the Master of Health Economics and Policy.

 Successful applicants without a Bachelor of Economics degree will receive a packaged offer (Graduate Certificate PLUS Master of Health Economics and Policy).

Tuition fees (2009):

 AU$ 22,000 p.a. for international students

Qualifying introductory courses (for those without economics background)

 Intermediate Microeconomics IID

 Intermediate Macroeconomics IID

 Intermediate Econometrics IID

 Development Economics IIID

Core courses

 Health Economics (3)

 Advanced Health Economic Evaluation and Decision Making (3)

 Health Policy and Public Health Interventions (3)

 Introduction to Epidemiology (3)

 Challenges Facing Economic Policy Makers (3)

 Public Economics IIID (3)

 Public Finance IIID (3)

 Topics in Applied Econometrics IIID (3)


Students who have achieved a Distinction average have the option of writing a Health Economics and Policy dissertation valued at 12 study units.


The choice of electives allows students to tailor their program according to their educational background and career aspirations. In addition to a generalist track, there are three options for specialisation in health management, health technologies, or development economics. To fulfil the requirements for specialisation, students have to complete at least 3 prescribed courses (9 units) from one specialisation area.

The prescribed courses for the specialisation programs are:

Health Management

 Fundamentals of Leadership or Management Optimising Human Performance

 Managerial Finance or Accounting Essentials for Decision Making

 Marketing Management or Marketing Principles

 Strategic Management or Strategic Evaluation & Control

Health Technologies

 Health Technology Assessment

 Technology Project Management

 Entrepreneurship and Innovation or Business and Project Creation

 Epidemiological Research Methods

Development Economics

 Development Economics IIID or Economic Development (H)

 International Finance (H) or International Finance IV

 International Trade IIID or International Trade IV

 International Economic History or Economic Theory IIID

Assessment: Exams, presentations & written assignments

Welcome from the Program Director

In creating this new and exciting program we fill an important gap as health economists with a good understanding of the public policy environment are sought after worldwide. We aim at training the leaders of tomorrow in Ministries of Health, health insurance funds, academia, pharmaceutical industry, management consultancies and international organisations. By combining teaching in two Faculties we marry economic theory and practice, public policy, finance and management knowledge with specialist skills in health economics and health policy analysis.

Adelaide is a fine place for graduate study: it is an attractive and safe Australian city which offers an easy way of life. We welcome you to the University of Adelaide's new program in Health Economics and Policy.

Professor Christian Gericke

Chair in Public Health Policy & Director, Centre for Health Services Research, The University of Adelaide; Honorary Fellow, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

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