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Tangara School For Girls

89-97 Franklin Road

Cherrybrook NSW2126

Tel: 02 9680 4844

Email: liz.


Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Girls

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Our School

Tangara aschool of The PARED Foundation (Parents for Education) is characterised by many features. * The system of education is personalised seeking to integrate the pursuit of academic excellence the acquisition of skills and the development of the student's character. * Our school is a family school where the educational rights of the family come first. The school has the dual role of providing for the overall development of the students as well as assisting parents to be more effective educators of their children. * The Personalised Tutorial System pioneered in Australia by PARED ensures that each child is encouraged to become the best person he or she can be. It facilitates the partnership between parents and school to ensure the children receive a holistic and efficacious education.

Educational Principles

The School's personalised system of education is based on a number of principles. * The education of children is primarily the responsibility of parents and is determined to a great extent by the personal example of the parents themselves. * The student benefits most when there is harmony between the two major learning environments of home and school; therefore parents and teachers should try to grow in the qualities they wish the students to acquire. * Teachers are vital partners with parents in a common endeavour. The basis of this partnership is a loyal and mutual understanding of each others' complementary roles. * Parents and teachers who are striving for excellence need ongoing professional input as educators. * The student's behaviour should be the consequence of personal convictions acquired in a climate that balances discipline and freedom as the basis for an authentic sense of responsibility.

Parents & Teachers Working Together

The Personalised Tutorial System is the most distinctive means to reinforce the work of parents. Students are assigned an individual tutor who is a member of the school teaching staff. The tutor meets regularly with the student with the student's teachers and with the parents. In this way parents teachers and students co-operate in effective goal setting. This tutor assists each student in her academic progress and character development. The tutor's rapport and friendship with the student and family are fundamental to the educational process. Apart from formal parent-tutor interviews the tutor is available to talk with parents whenever necessary. The parent-tutor relationship is a natural means to ensure that home and school work together effectively.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement with Tangara signifies the willingness of parents to take advantage of the means which the school offers to assist them in their task as primary educators of their children. An ongoing programme of parent functions which includes talks workshops and family education courses provides parents with the opportunity for personal enrichment and development. The School has a network of Class Parents who foster friendship and unity amongst the parents of the individual classes. Families of all religious social and cultural backgrounds attend Tangara. The family environment of the school built on shared ideals and values Helps forge bonds of friendship which provide parents teachers and students with positive and supportive peer groups.

Character Development

The emphasis placed on character development is a major feature of Tangara. An ongoing Human Virtues Programme fosters the development of qualities such as sincerity industriousness order cheerfulness generosity and service to others. This aspect of the education offered is the basis for fostering the full development of the student's character. Leadership and community service programs complement the focus of character education. This is based on the conviction that leaders must be persons of integrity with a genuine commitment to serve others.

Spiritual Development

Tangara offers students a solid grounding in the Catholic faith as the basis for a simple and deep love of God. Students are encouraged to live their faith with a genuine spirit of freedom and commitment. The school emphasises the primary role that parents play in their children's spiritual development. The chaplains of Tangara are priests of Opus Dei apersonal Prelature of the Catholic Church whose aim is to assist all people to live the universal call to holiness.



Term 1 - 13th March

Term 2 - 22nd May

Term 3 - 31st July

Term 4 - 16th October

Visiting times - 10. 00am - 1. 30pm.

Principal's Talk - 11. 30am

Students conduct guided tours throughout the day. Staff and parents are available to answer any questions you may have about the school's aims and features. A talk on our unique approach to personalised education is given. Morning and afternoon tea will be available.


Reception Classes for girls and boys are available at our Retaval campuses at Wahroonga and Belfield. These classes cater for 4 year olds and are a 3 day a week programme. The programmes include all pre-school activities as well as pre-reading and pre-writing skills. These initiate the children in our Literacy programme.

The children are able to continue on at Retaval Wahroonga for K - 1 and Retaval Belfield for K - 2. They can then transfer to Tangara School for Girls or Redfield College at Dural for boys.


The special needs of gifted children are recognised and catered for through activities special programming competitions and extensions.

L-MAX (Learning to the Maximum)

L-MAX is our programme for addressing the needs of students with learning difficulties and those who are gifted.


Is an afternoon where the students experience a wide variety of activities such as chess pottery craft community service public speaking etc. This alternates with a Problem Solving afternoon each Wednesday. During Problem Solving the students work in stage groups and find solutions for various mathematical problems.


Include Musical Instruments voice Training chimes Ensemble choir speech & Drama and Debating. There are opportunities to take part in Musical Festivals and ISDA Debating competitions. The Maths Olympiad the Australian Schools Competitions and the Da Vinci Decathlon are also offered.



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