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The Scots College

Victoria Road

Bellevue Hill NSW2023

Tel: +61 2 9391 7600

Fax: +61 2 9327 7584



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Boys

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

Boarding: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Early Learning: Yes

Indigenous Education: Yes

International Students: Yes

Scots Boys grow into fine men

At The Scots College we strive to foster leadership character and spirit through experiences of excellence that define the brave hearts and bold minds in every Scots boy. Our vision is singularly focused on the education nurture and development of fine Scots boys. The Scots College has nurtured generations of fine young men since it was established in 1893. We seek to inspire our students through the example set by generations of great men and Scots Old Boys who now lead learn and serve in the community. “Every day in a boy’s life should be part of an exciting adventure. He should be challenged and know the true joy of achieving worthy and ambitious goals through the efforts of the teams of which he is a valued member” –Dr Ian PM Lambert the Scots College Principal.

Learning at Scots

Scots boys learn in an atmosphere of excellence within a culture of high expectations where they can become creative confident and accomplished learners. The Brave Hearts Bold Minds educational philosophy provides learning experiences that are structured according to the needs of the boys rather than their age of year level. An innovative colourful and adventurous curriculum informed by Reggio Emilia principles awaits the youngest Scots boys in the Early Years and Early Learning Centres. As they progress to the Preparatory School little boys become ‘fine Scots boys’. They develop autonomy and the emphasis shifts to more scholarly ways of thinking. In the Senior School boys are challenged to develop strategies for solving problems. An extensive Honours program enables selected students to undertake extension and enrichment in a number of disciplines. At Scots teachers serve as classroom coaches to bring out students’ best performance and help them kick their academic goals. The Thinking Sportsman model focuses on learning in teams and encourages boys to be responsible for their own learning. Teachers encourage a spirit of willingness and focus on building a culture of empowerment in the classroom in which boys can thrive. Scots boys graduate as fine young men with courage and conviction in the world who will lead learn and serve in the community.

Co-Curricular and Sport Programs

The Scots College has a calling to inspire and extend the interest talents and skills of boys. A wide range of Co-Curricular Programs that challenge their character and facilitate their identity formation can be passionately pursued at every stage of a boy’s Brave Hearts Bold Minds journey. The College’s T-12 Co-Curricular Program include Cadets pipes and Drums music performing Arts visual Arts debating and Public Speaking photography film and Media aV chess and Community Service. Sport is synonymous with the Scots experience encouraging boys to discover personal strength born of competition and camaraderie. The College is a member of the Athletic Association of the Greater Public Schools (AAGPS) which provides opportunities for boys to compete in prestigious inter-school competitions. Summer sports include Athletics basketball cricket rowing sailing swimming tennis and Water Polo. In winter students can participate in Athletics cross Country football rifle Shooting rugby snowsports and Volleyball.


Scots strives to provide a learning environment where adventure is at the heart of our boys’ experience. Adventure involves a quest fuelled by curiosity and passion in search of something significant and inspires one to strive for excellence. The Glengarry Outdoor Education Program is the cornerstone of The Scots College’s philosophy of honouring the learning and adventures of boys. It is inspired by the vision to provide defining chapters for our boys as they grow into men. This program has the highest level of ORIC (Outdoor Recreation Industry Council) accreditation available. Year 9 boys spend two terms living at the Glengarry campus in the Kangaroo Valley. The academic program is supported by outdoor education leadership co-curricular and sporting programs which are designed to challenge and extend boys.

State-of-the-art Facilities

State-of-the-art facilities and an innovative boy-centred curriculum and program combine to create an atmosphere of excellence at Scots. The Graeme Clark Centre for Innovation in the Sciences is designed to promote in the hearts and minds of Scots boys a love and appreciation of the sciences. This Maths and Science Centre provides leading infrastructure and technological platforms to inspire the best from students and teachers. The Library and Digital Resource Centre (Stevenson Library) is a vibrant learning place in the Senior School where the quest for knowledge and exploration of the world of digital media is cultivated. The Centenary Centre houses the College’s highly regarded Music Department and the Christian Studies Department. This specialist facility includes a recording studio computer keyboard laboratories and specialist music classrooms. Scots’ Sports Science Lab

For more than a century boys have been boarding at The Scots College and remain an integral part of the Scots community. Boarding is available from Years 5 to 12 where an excellent Pastoral Care Program individual attention resident House tutors Housemasters and matrons provide high quality education and care in a safe and nurturing environment. Boarders are assigned to one of the College’s five boarding houses where they experience the joys of being a part of a House ‘family’. Parents are kept informed of their son’s daily progress through Pipeline – the College’s innovative real time information service. International students are a valued part of the Scots community. The College provides a secure

Key Information

Principal: Dr Ian PM Lambert

Established: 1893

Number of students: 1821

Number of Boarders: 248

Information Days 2013

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To make a booking or enquiry contact or+612 9391 7600.

For Further Information


Telephone: +61 2 9391 7668

Scholarships and Bursaries

The Scots College provides a range of scholarships and bursaries.   Please click here for more information.

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