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Tuart College Australia

TuartCollege, located in Western Australia’s capital city of Perth, is a senior college within the Western Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training. The College has 20 years experience educating international students with approximately 80% gaining university entrance each year

Tuart Programs:

The College offers two pre-university entrance programs -- the WA Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP) and the Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE) Program. Both are Year 12 programs providing university entrance or matriculation. At TuartCollege, our international students study in classes alongside our local students who make up 85% of our student population

WAUFP has advantages being designed for international students. A pass mark in WAUFP guarantees a place at a Western Australian university and is accepted by all the universities in Perth and is widely recognized across Australia, including Australia’s prestigious “group of 8” universities.

English is compulsory for both programs. In WAUFP, students study English Language and Australian Cultural Studies (ELACS) plus 3 or 4 other subjects selected from Accounting, Applicable Mathematics, Calculus, Chemistry, Discrete Mathematics, Economics, History, Human Biology, Information Systems, Physical Science and Physics. Students in the TEE program study English as an Alternative Language or Dialect(EALD) plus 4 or 5 other subjects selected from a larger list on offer.

Tuart also offers a range of Bridging courses, including a formal Year 11 course, to let international students upgrade their standard of English and/or their background in academic subjects.

Tuart offers flexible starting dates.




15 Week Bridging

7 October 2008to 30 January 2009

$  5,835

18 Week Bridging

13 July to 1 December 2009

$  6,610

30 Week Bridging

(Year 11)

21 April to 1 December 2009

$  10,360

40 Week Year 11 Bridging

18 January to 1December 2009 


WA Universities Foundation Program

18 January to 1 December 2009


Tertiary Entrance Examination Program

18 January to 1 December 2009 


April Start  WA Universities

Foundation Program

21 April to 4 December 2009


Fast Track WAUniversities’ Foundation Program

4 June to 4 December 2009

$  9,485

Students must pay a $500 refundable bond plus the government's required medical insurance.

Why Study in Perth:

The Economistmagazine rated Perthas the 5th best city in the world – high praise! Added to that, Perth provides exceptional value giving students a high standard of living at a lower cost compared to the east coast of Australia.

Perthhas a safe, clean and relaxed environment. As a city of migrants, Perth’s multicultural character provides a friendly, safe and welcoming place for international students. Perth also has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with cool winters and warm, dry summers – perfect for its location on the SwanRiverand the Indian Ocean.

Our educational system is of world standard offering diverse opportunities across 4 public universities, 1 private university, technical and further education (TAFE) and numerous private colleges.

Services to Students:

TuartCollegeprovides a high level of support for our international students through the International Student Office. Services to students and free of charge include:

· Counselling on course options available to students

· Advice on ELICOS, ESL and IELTS programs

· Advice on universities and courses

· Application assistance

· Access to scholarships

· Pre-departure support and information

· Liaison with agents

· Airport reception

· Accommodation placement

· Welfare supervision for under-18s

· Orientation programs for new students

· Assistance with banking and insurance

· Progress feedback and reporting

· Counselling on personal issues

· Assistance with immigration and visas


Tuart has state of the art facilities within a pleasant suburban college style campus located just 6 kilometers from the centre of Perth. All our classrooms have heating and air conditioning along with modern AV technology. As well, the college offers up-to-date computer labs; university style library; recreation centre; a cafeteria with European, Australian and Asian cuisine; and swimming pool. A prayer room is available for student use.

Accommodation and Living Costs:

The College can arrange suitable accommodation at reasonable cost including furnished rooms; furnished and unfurnished flats and houses; homestay; and our own student housing, Tuart Mews. On average, students will need to allow at least AUS$300 per week to cover all living costs including their accommodation.


The College has a limited number of scholarships available to outstanding international students offered by the WA Department of Education and Training. These scholarships are awarded strictly on academic merit. Applicants must complete the required application form and submit the application with the specified application fee, if required. Forms are available from:

Entry Requirements:

For entry into either WAUFP or TEE, students should have completed the equivalent of Year 11 or ‘O’ levels to a satisfactory standard. Bridging courses generally require completion to Year 10 standard. Tuart takes great pride in being willing and able to tailor our courses to suit the individual needs of a student.

Students should have an IELTS score of 5.0 or TOEFL score of 530 for direct entry into the College. Students with lower scores can be placed into Bridging courses with English support or ELICOS programs provided outside the College.

5 Reasons to choose TuartCollege:

1. Tuart offers the WesternAustralianUniversities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP), Tertiary Entrance Examination Program (TEE), Academic Bridging Programs and English Bridging Programs.

2.  Tuart students achieve outstanding results with 80% going on to tertiary education studies.

3.  Tuart has a lower ratio of international students to local students with not more than 15% studying alongside our local students in mixed classes.

4.  Tuart offers a dedicated ISO staff to look after the unique needs of our International students.

5.  Tuart provides first-class state of the art facilities including computer and science labs; all with air conditioned comfort.



Banksia Street, TUART HILL

Western Australia 6060

Tel: (618) 9242 6222

Fax: (618) 9444 0913


Websites: | 

 CRICOS Code 00465M






Banksia Street, TUART HILL

Western Australia 6060

Tel: (618) 9242 6222

Fax: (618) 9444 0913



  CRICOS Code 00465M

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Student Services Centre



The Canteen



Computers in Library




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