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Tyndale Christian School

58 Douglas Rd

Blacktown NSW2148

Tel: 02 8811 7800

Fax: 02 8811 7883



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Scholarships: Yes

Early Learning: Yes

International Students: Yes

Excellence in Christian Education

Tynedale was established in 1966 and provides a caring and comprehensive education for a wide variety of Christian denominations and many cultural backgrounds. At Tyndale Christian School we believe that in deciding where your children go to school you are also deciding who will assist you in raising your children. Tyndale is a school where the authority and responsibilities of parents in the education of their children are recognised and supported. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the educational activities of the school eg assisting the teacher in the classroom providing support in library services excursions and camps. Teachers at Tyndale are committed to a partnership with parents to inspiring children to do their very best with the gifts that God has given them. Tyndale Christian School has been blessed with first-rate resources enabling us to offer a student focused culturally engaging and academically rigorous education undergirded by a Christian worldview.

Prep Years

Prep is a transitional stage where children become comfortable with the routines of school life at Tyndale with stimulating learning experiences and skills in pre-maths pre-writing and pre-reading discovering the wonders of God's creation and working on positive social interactions that build autonomy and confidence.

Junior School

From Kindergarten to Year 5 students are immersed in a world of co-operative purposeful and interesting learning. Within this context the talents of individual children are nurtured and individual needs met.

Middle Years

In the Middle Years units have been designed specifically to have a focus and themes that seek to be applicable to adolescents. The learning activities in core units have been developed in a way that seeks to foster a desire to learn and equip students with the skills needed to undertake research and individual investigation. These skills assist our students to be active learners and provide them with many of the skills required for senior study.

Senior Years

At Tyndale all students are valued members of the school community and all are gifted in unique ways. At our school no student is valued over others and therefore the school does not place individual students on a pedestal. Academic success is a priority in the Senior Years and Students in Years 11 and 12 are not expected to participate in compulsory Sport although Year 11 students are able to play inter-school Sport activities. In addition to their academic education students throughout their years at Tyndale enjoy a range of extra curricular activities as well as excursions.


Next Open Day - Wednesday 3 April 2013

Future Open Days and School Tours

Contact us now to arrange a school tour to see our facilities and classrooms or to enquire about our next Open Day.

More Information

We invite you to contact the Registrar to find out more about the quality of education offered at Tyndale and how we can meet the needs of your child.

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