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Study Mathematics and Computing at USQ Australia


The Faculty of Sciences encompasses teaching and research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computing, psychology and nursing grouped into four departments: Biological and Physical Sciences; Mathematics and Computing; Nursing; and Psychology and a number of research centres: the Centre for Astronomy, Solar Radiation and Climate; the Centre for Biomedical Research; the Land Use Research Centre; the Centre for Rural and Environmental Biotechnology; and the Centre for Rural and Remote Area Health.

The breadth of interests in the Faculty facilitates a stimulating multi-disciplinary environment for both students and staff, an example of which is the current developments in teaching and research in bioinformatics.

Australia is embracing, as is much of the rest of the World, an economy which depends on the intellectual prowess of its workforce, the so called knowledge economy.  Science and Technology underpins such an economy. It is crucial for the Nations future prosperity that it has a scientifically skilled workforce and a community that is scientifically literate.

Thus it is an exciting and potentially rewarding time to be studying the sciences.  The Faculty of Sciences can offer you an outstanding learning experience in a caring yet stimulating intellectual environment at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Mathematics and ComputingPrograms

Bachelor Programs

BINT - Bachelor of Information Technology


Applied Computer Science


Mathematics and Computing

Software Engineering

BSCI - Bachelor of Science


Applied Mathematics

Information Technology

Science - Statistics

Science - Mathematics

Science - Computing Studies

Combined Bachelor Programs

BITS - Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Science

BEBT - Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Information Technology

BCBS - Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science

Honours Programs

BITH - Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)

(for computing graduates)

BSCH - Bachelor of Science (Honours)

(for mathematics and statistics graduates)

Graduate Certificate Programs

GCAC - Graduate Certificate in Advanced Computing

(for computing graduates)

GCPC - Graduate Certificate in Professional Computing

(for non-computing graduates)

Graduate Diploma Programs

GDAC - Graduate Diploma of Advanced Computing

(for computing graduates)

GDPC - Graduate Diploma of Professional Computing

(for non-computing graduates)

GDIT - Graduate Diploma of Information Technology

(for non-computing graduates)

GDMA - Graduate Diploma of Mathematics

(for non-mathematics graduates)

Masters Programs

MITS - Master of Information Technology Sciences

(for mathematics and computing graduates)

MCOP - Master of Computing

(for computing graduates)

MPCP - Master of Professional Computing

(for non-computing graduates)

Research Degrees

MPHL - Master of Philosophy

MPhil Rules and Procedures

DPHD - Doctor of Philosophy

PhD Rules and Procedures

Further Information:

Faculty of Sciences

University of Southern Queensland

Toowoomba Qld AUSTRALIA 4350

Telephone: (07) 4631 1540

Fax: (07) 4631 2721



USQ Australia



Faculty of Sciences University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba Qld AUSTRALIA 4350

Tel: (07) 4631 1540

Fax: (07) 4631 2721