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Apply for an Australian Visa

Moving to Australia short or long-term means making a visa application. In today's world there are now additional security requirements and longer queues at airports.  This is all part of global immigration authorities being increasingly less accepting of basic facts presented to them at face value. Australian authorities are far more analytical in their approach to information provided with visa applications.  This increased scrutiny into documentation and answers to questions on visa forms coupled with tighter checks on applicants means having a visa approved quickly and without tension is going to become increasingly frustrating and difficult for even the most genuine visa applicant.



  • Permanent Residency
  • Student Visas
  • Work permits
  • Business Skills Migration
  • Partner Migration (Spouse, De-facto, Interdependent)
  • Many more visa application services

What is the Visacorp Visa Application Service

The Visacorp Full and Comprehensive Visa application Service is designed for the applicant who wants to give their visa application the very best chance of success. 

Why use a Visacorp registered migration agent

Australia's immigration rules are complex and subject to frequent change.  If you decide to make an application for a visa using a registered migration agent can make the whole process easier and more effective.  When you deal with a competent, experienced and honest migration consultant you maximise your chance of a successful outcome. You also save a great deal of time, as the agent will take responsibility for seeing that the application is prepared correctly and that the right documents are provided.

The agent will also follow up with the processing office after lodgement to minimise delays and comply with documentation requests.  The agent will also keep you informed about the status of the application and about any relevant changes to legislation or policy that could affect the outcome of your case. 

All agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).  In March 1998, the Australian Government delegated the registration authority to the Migration Institute of Australia. 

To be registered, an agent must be able to demonstrate sound knowledge of immigration policy and procedure.  An agent must practice in accordance with a code of conduct which is incorporated in Australian migration law.

Our registered Migration Agents are Liana Allan (No. 0104178) and Anthony Ross (No. 0317382).

Why use a company where the migration agents are also members of the MIA

A valuable second protection is if the migration agent is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).  The MIA has it's own code of conduct with which all members must abide.  The MIA is the professional body which represents the migration consultancy profession industry in Australia and is recognised as such by the Australian Department of Immigration.  Membership of MIA by your agent gives you further protection.  Our MIA membership numbers are 1225 and 1763.

What about an unregistered offshore agent

Please remember that if you deal with an unregistered offshore agent you are taking a real risk.  Such persons are not accountable to any Australian authority for their actions and have not had to demonstrate any knowledge of Australian migration policy and procedures.

The Visacorp Visa Application Service explained

Having gone through the above process to select an agent you can fee confident your case is in good hands. 

It is advised that should you wish to purchase the "Full and Comprehensive Visa Application Service'that you are sure that you are eligible to apply under this visa category. 

Visacorp will provide the following services to you:

  • Allocate a registered migration agent to manage your case
  • Provide advice regarding your application
  • Give you a list of the documents needed to prepare the application
  • Check all your documents to ensure that the application complies with Australia's legislative requirements
  • Advise you if additional documents are required
  • Help you determine the best strategy to succeed in your application
  • Meet and communicate directly with you as necessary
  • Advise you regarding required police clearance procedures
  • Advise you regarding procedure for obtaining medical examinations required by the Australian Government
  • Prepare your application in the format expected Australian Government, including:
    • Assist you to complete the application forms
    • Write a formal submission, utilising the immigration legislation which illustrates to the DIMIA that your application satisfies the requirements of the particular class / subclass of visa that you are applying for
    • Check that all your answers on the application forms match your documentary evidence and both of these together meet the legal requirements of the class / subclass of visa that you are applying for
    • Lodge your application for you
    • Following lodgement, liaise and negotiate with the DIMIA on your behalf and supervise the case until the visa decision is made
    • Follow up your applications as required
  • Other non-excluded services we consider necessary to advance this matter

We will advise you when the government fees in relation to your visa application need to be paid to the authorities.

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Liana Allan

Registered Migration Agent No. 0104178

Migration Institute of Australia Member 1225


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