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Climate:The climate is sub-tropical, mild in the winter, spring and autumn (fall) , but from late May to October, can be uncomfortably hot and with especially high humidity. The hottest part of the year is from May through mid-October, when temperatures hover between 75 F / 23 C and 85 F / 29 C.
Language:English is the major language spoken on Bermuda, but many locals are also fluent
in Spanish, Portugese, and French.
Currency:The currency of Bermuda is the Bermuda dollar. There are 100 cents to the dollar. The Bermuda dollar is pegged to the US dollar on a 1-to-1 basis.
Population:A July 2005 estimate put Bermuda's population at 65365. Origins of citizens and residents, 64% black, 32% white, 4% Asian and other.
Capital City:Hamilton is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. Conceived by George
Hamilton when he purchased the Durand farm shortly after the War of 1812.
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