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Study English in Canada

English Language Canada offers instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students wishing to learn English to further their own career or to prepare themselves for entrance into Canadian colleges or universities.

English Language Canada is part of The Business Career College ,

a private college offering programs related to business, technology and tourism. The Business Career College courses are intense, allowing students to complete programs in as short a time as possible.

Students choose English Language Canada because of:

  • affordable costs

  • small classes

  • experienced teachers

  • quality programs

  • excellent homestays

  • the opportunity to study, speak and interact with Canadian students

Come for speaking, reading, writing, grammar, TOEIC, TOEFL and Business English.  Welcome Aboard!

Our Mission

  To provide International Students an opportunity to learn English in a safe, friendly community and caring environment.

  To provide effective ESL instruction, using proven instructors, and innovative approaches to teaching.

    To help students learn the most English in the shortest time possible.


Program and Services

English Language Canada offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced English as a Second Language instruction in small classes for students from a number of different countries. Students can choose classes such as TOEFL, TOEIC, University Entrance English, Business English, or Travel and Tourism English, to fit their personal needs.

Students in our Homestay Program are met at the airport and placed in a Canadian home that meets our high standards and the student's expectations. A shuttle service from the city bus exchange insures easy and cheap transportation to and from classes.
Students may choose to take part in regularly planned activities and trips.

Beginner English

Beginner English is taught in a very supportive manner, encouraging students to use what English they have and building confidence to try the unfamiliar. Course content includes:

Learning basic English vocabulary/collocations

Communicating basic needs

Reading for information

Writing sentences and simple paragraphs

Listening for daily living

Narrating and reporting

Conversing to get to know others

Intermediate English

Intermediate English  encourages students to stretch and develop their English skills while attempting to use the language to achieve a purpose or fulfill a task. Course content builds on the skills of Beginner English by focusing on:

  Extending task-related vocabulary/collocations

  Communicating thoughtful ideas

  Reading for entertainment

  Writing paragraphs and simple essays

  Listening to learn

  Reporting and comparing

  Conversing to express, understand and question ideas

Advanced English

Advanced English strives to achieve clarity and fluency of expression. The goal is to learn to communicate in the same manner as English speaking North Americans. Course content builds on the Beginner and Intermediate skills taught by focusing on:

  Advancing English vocabulary/collocations

  Communicating complex ideas

  Reading for entertainment, work and study

  Writing for business and academic purposes

  Listening critically

  Comparing and generalizing

  Conversing to argue and convince

English Language Canada

Business Career College

8611 108 Street

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Canada T8V 4C5


Tel:   +1  (780) 532-5999

Fax: +1  (780) 532-5989

Toll Free: 1-877-532-5999


English Language Canada

Business Career College

8611 108 Street

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Canada T8V 4C5

Tel:   +1  (780) 532-5999

Fax: +1  (780) 532-5989

Toll Free: 1-877-532-5999


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