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British Columbia Institute of Technology Canada

The path you choose can make all the difference

The British Columbia Institute of Technology offers an alternative to traditional academic education. Its programs are specifically designed to provide students with an applied, practical education to prepare them for successful careers throughout the world. BCIT is Canada's premier polytechnic institution; the vast majority of graduates secure employment related to their BCIT education within a few months of graduation.

BCIT opened its doors in 1964, in response to employer demands for a school that would listen to their needs and teach students exactly the skills they wanted in future employees. As a result, every program BCIT offers is designed and updated in consultation with leading employers. BCIT often receives donations of new technology from employers, who want to guarantee that students are learning on the best and latest equipment. Companies are in constant contact with program heads to offer real-life practicum opportunities for BCIT students, who benefit from hands-on experience and tremendous networking opportunities. This Advisory Committee system also means BCIT is a major recruiting source for employers.

Many paths to choose from.

BCIT offers hundreds of options for undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates spanning Applied & Natural Sciences, Business & Media, Computing & Information Technology, Engineering Technologies, Health Sciences and Trades Training. Check out your options in the International Student Guide or visit

Is BCIT right for you

BCIT students tell us the workload is much heavier than at a traditional university, but the benefits upon graduation are well worth their efforts.

BCIT students share the desire to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Successful students have usually spent some time thinking about their future careers before they apply. They are focused on their goals, and are ready to commit to an extremely intense and demanding program of study that will help them achieve those dreams.

Because employers tell us they need staff who can work well in teams, most project work will be completed in groups. Unless students are completing the Liberal Studies component of their degree completion program, they wont spend a lot of time writing essays. They also learn valuable practical skills, like being able to give presentations with confidence.

In order to give students the best chance at success, they are placed in small groups and attend classes together for the entire year. Students support each other in their goals, and are on a first-name basis with dedicated and caring instructors, who will often provide their home telephone numbers.

Admission Requirements

Most certificate and diploma-level programs are designed for students who have completed high school, or an equivalent to completing Grade 12 in Canada. Degree completion programs normally require students to first complete a two-year Diploma of Technology at BCIT, or its equivalent in their home country, plus have at least six months of relevant work experience. For exact requirements for your program, please visit  and enter your program of choice in the keyword search.

English Language Requirements

All BCIT students must demonstrate an acceptable level of English language skills. There are eight different ways to do this. For example, most programs will require either a TOEFL score between 175 and 240 (computer-based) or between 550 and 580 (paper-based), or an IELTS score that falls between 5.0 and 6.5. Please refer to page 63-64 of the 2005 International Student Guide for English language equivalencies and options.

Where will you live

BCIT offers a dynamic and safe on-campus residence community that provides students with a private, furnished bedroom and shared living spaces, including a kitchen where you can cook your own meals. BCIT can also arrange for you to live with a Canadian family or help you to find an appropriate apartment to rent.


BCIT offers many in-class achievement and graduating awards for international students. For information about any of these awards, please visit

Tuition Fees

Exact tuition fees for your program can be found be visiting

Average cost per year of a two-year diploma program:   $11, 875 - $14, 269 Cdn

Average cost per year of a full-time degree program    $17, 408 Cdn

To convert fees from Canadian dollars into your home currency, visit

Cost of Living

BCIT normally recommends that students have access to about $1000 Cdn per month to cover all living expenses, including accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment, personal expenses and miscellaneous costs. Visit  for help in estimating your budget.

Applying to BCIT

Apply online at , or download an application form at  and send it to BCIT International, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. CANADA  V5G 3H2. You must submit official transcripts of any education you have completed. If you do not have official documents, please submit photocopies so that the process can begin.

If you are still in high school or completing a program, ask your Principal or Registrar to provide you with interim transcripts until your final marks are in. Often, programs fill early, so the earlier you apply, the better your chances at gaining a seat. You can send us final transcripts later, when your programs are complete. You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your application within four weeks of your application date. If you have any questions regarding your application, contact BCIT International at +1-604-432-8816 or e-mail

Letter of Intent

Many programs ask you to submit a letter of intent; its contents will be assessed as part of the selection process, so put effort into preparing it. You should tell us about yourself, your prior education, any work, practical or volunteer experience you have, your goals for the future and why you want to study at BCIT. BCIT recommends that you take a copy of this letter to the Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission when applying for a study permit. A well-written letter of intent can strengthen your application and increase your chances of obtaining a study permit.

When to Apply

Apply as early as possible. BCIT programs are extremely popular, and the earlier you apply, the better your chances of gaining a seat. For programs starting in September 2005, we recommend you apply between October 1, 2004 and February 28, 2005. The international student deadline for applying to September intakes is May 1. Other start dates will require the same lead time for applications. For help, contact BCIT International at +1-604-432-8816 or and ask to be connected with the International Student Advisor.

About Vancouver

Vancouver, on Canada's West Coast in the province of British Columbia, encompasses the city of Vancouver and many surrounding municipalities. Bound by forests, mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver offers a world of recreational opportunities, as well as a multicultural population where you'll find almost every ethnicity and religion from around the world. In Canada's warmest weather zone, Vancouver is mild enough for flowers to bloom year-round, yet is an easy drive away from world-class skiing and snowboarding. Vancouver and Whistler Mountain will jointly host the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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British Columbia Institute of Technology - A Polytechnic Institution


British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5G 3H2

Tel: +1-604-432-8816

Fax: +1-604-430-9042