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Study for an MBA in Ontario Canada


Innovation, vision, and forward thinking are what make a great institution. The DeGroote School of Business is the epitome of those qualities.

McMaster University and the DeGroote School of Business have earned a strong reputation as a centre for academic excellence in the areas of innovation and research. Since 1952, McMaster University has offered an internationally recognized program in business. In 1992, the School of Business became the first named business school in Canada, thanks to the generous support of entrepreneur Michael G. DeGroote. Our benefactor's financial leadership, along with other that of other major supporters, ensures that the DeGroote School of Business continues to be recognized as an international leader in innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and working within the business community.

As Canada's premier co-op M.B.A. school, our experiential philosophy provides all of our M.B.A. students with a competitive advantage through valuable work terms, internships, case study instruction, and research symposia. Working with industry professionals in the day-to-day operations of business gives our students real-world experience to augment classroom theory.

Paul Bates, Dean

Programs and Curricular Focus

The DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University has earned a strong reputation as a centre for academic excellence in the areas of innovation and research. An integral part of the innovative culture is the focus on experiential learning that enables students to gain hands-on experience that not only stimulates learning, but also leads to personal development and discovery.

Highest ROI in Canada - Canadian Business Magazine reports DeGroote consistently offers the highest Return on Investment of over 100% of any MBA Program in Canada. DeGroote is also singled out for its close-knit community and the magazine predicts the School is on the cusp of something bigger and better. DeGroote MBA students continue to score among the highest in North America in a recent Major Field Test (MFT) conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) the largest educational assessment in the world.

Leadership, ethics, and innovation are an integral part of the curriculum, and a wide range of program options are available to enable M.B.A. students to acquire a business education appropriate to their individual needs. DeGroote offers innovative areas of specialization including eBusiness, management of innovation and new technology, health services management, and strategic business valuation. DeGroote also offers the traditional areas of concentrationaccounting and financial management services, finance, supply chain management, and strategic marketing as well as a general M.B.A.

Those students who are interested in combining an with developmental, career-oriented work experience find the co-op program very appealing. The co-op experience provides both the student and the School with a continuing interaction between the classroom and the workplace, as job-site experience is integrated into the classroom in a variety of ways. This exposure is important to students who are defining their educational goals, clarifying their career interests, and setting meaningful long-term professional objectives. Each year, a limited number of co-op positions are made available to international students.

DeGroote's facilities are state-of-the-art and are equipped with the most advanced computer systems currently available. Alliances with professional organizations ensure the M.B.A. curriculum meets or surpasses industry standards in each area of study and offers the most up-to-date business applications.

Educational requirements toward a variety of professional designations can be met to varying degrees within the program. Opportunities for growth and development also exist in a variety of extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to expand their learning and broaden their range of knowledge through activities outside the classroom to demonstrate their leadership abilities and willingness to contribute to the quality of an organization.

The School's research centres and institutes rank among the world's best, and its studentsboth graduate and undergraduatereap the benefits of these first-class facilities while they learn from some of the country's finest researchers and educators.

Lauded year after year as one of the country's most innovative research-intensive universities, McMaster and the DeGroote School of Business boast faculty members who are committed to turning their ideas and insights into innovative solutions and taking them forward into the marketplace.

Students and the M.B.A. Experience

Students in the M.B.A. program are one of the program's best resources and one of the reasons for its high acclaim. Typically successful applicants GMAT scores for the 200 students in each entering class range upward from 600; have backgrounds in engineering, social sciences, science, business, kinesiology/health sciences, and humanities; and work experience in a variety of sectors. The student body comes from across Canada and a dozen other countries.

The Faculty

Faculty members are selected for their teaching skills and quality of research as well as their diverse educational and experiential backgrounds. Their connections to the business community help to provide students with the opportunities they need to pursue the practical side of their business education and to facilitate their postgraduate activities. The School's faculty members have studied extensively nationally and internationally, bringing a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds to the centre of the School of Business success story.

The Business School Network

More than 13, 000 alumni provide national and international connections to the DeGroote School of Business. Many graduates have achieved outstanding success in their chosen fields. Dedicated alumni encourage their firms to recruit from McMaster, many sending McMaster graduates to conduct interviews. Others serve as mentors or advisers on the School's advisory boards. Alumni activities, such as the Fall Classic Golf Tournament and social and networking events are planned to provide valuable opportunities to connect with alumni throughout the year.

The University and Environs

McMaster University is located in the city of Hamiltona safe, cosmopolitan city and a hidden treasure among Canada's major centres. Hamilton is small enough that students feel a sense of belonging to the community yet large enough to provide all the amenities of a larger city, such as concert halls and theaters, restaurants to suit any taste, and a wide variety of entertainment and sports facilities. In addition, the cost of living in Hamilton is quite affordable in comparison to living in Toronto.

Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, Hamilton is home to the world-famous Royal Botanical Gardens, numerous wildlife areas, parks, and miles of waterfront trails. McMaster's own beautiful campus is situated in the west end of the city on approximately 300 acres of natural parkland. The campus atmosphere is friendly, casual, and multicultural, with students from as many as seventy different countries. Support facilities and groups assisting students with their day-to-day needs and concerns are all conveniently located in a new, full-service student centre.

Hamilton is a 1-hour drive from Niagara Falls and Toronto. In addition, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo, and Detroit are only short distances away. For those choosing to commute, the McMaster University campus is close to major highways and convenient transit service is available from Toronto.


M.B.A. students who wish to become traders, investment advisers, or risk managers have an opportunity for hands-on experience. The Allen H. Gould Trading Floor, located in the DeGroote School of Business, comprises twenty-one state-of-the-art computer terminals and three Trans-Lux display boards. These deliver real-time data from all Canadian exchanges, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the New York Stock Exchange. This equipment provides students with the opportunity to experience how the markets work and to develop the skills demanded by today's volatile business environment.

Facilities for the School's e-business classes include two computer labs equipped with a total of thirty computers loaded with the latest software. In addition, a new, state-of-the-art classroom featuring a total of fifty-five computers provides students with opportunities for hands-on learning. Research areas and special testing facilities complement the classroom.


The DeGroote Centre for Business Career Development (CBCD) provides comprehensive career development and employment services for MBA co-op students. Throughout their MBA studies, students receive unlimited coaching and customized career development. They will be fully equipped with well-rounded skills and experience, easing the transition into the workplace.

The CBCD partners with a broad base of employers. It delivers seamless, on campus company information sessions and career recruiting. Employment support services are provided for summer, full-time and immediate job opening opportunities. Emphasis is placed on career-related skills such as resume preparation and ongoing enhancements, self-evaluation, goal setting, career guidance, interview skills group sessions, round-table discussions, personal mock interviews and continuous feedback, networking sessions, student/alumni mentoring program and student profiling to guide career choices.


The DeGroote School of Business takes great care in reviewing each individual application. While academic performance and test scores are important measures, the School considers other critical variables with equal weight:

1. proven leadership capabilities
2. workplace experience
3. ethical maturity
4. business aptitude involvement
6. breadth of character
7. overall contribution to society

Typically successful applicants GMAT scores range upward from 600, depending on the program option selected (full-time, co-op, part-time, accelerated). The overall GMAT score is considered in its totality. Verbal and quantitative results are also separated, enabling a complete understanding of skills.

In addition, successful candidates typically have a minimum B average in each of the most recent two years of university studies.

The GMAT score is just one of many factors considered. It is one part of an entire application, which is thoroughly reviewed in whole to gain a complete understanding of each applicant's unique strengths, experience and skills.

A typical registrant will have a minimum of one year work experience. This work experience is varied. The School is interested in not only the type of work, but also the quality of that work and the full scope of professional and personal activities.

Each year, a small number of applicants who do not have an undergraduate university degree are accepted into the program. Such applicants must have very extensive work experience (a minimum of seven years) to be considered for admission.


Financial assistance is available to qualified students in the form of teaching assistantships, scholarships, bursaries, and loans. Preference is given to advanced-level students in awarding teaching assistantships, while the majority of scholarship offers are made to entering students. A number of scholarships valued from $1000 to $10, 000 are available to qualified students as entry and incourse scholarships. In most cases, financial assistance is decided as applications are accepted for the M.B.A. program.

Application Facts and Dates

The deadline for applications is June 15th for entry at the beginning of the following September. Electronic application may be made online via the School's web site.

DeGroote Student Recruitment Centre
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4M4
Phone: 905-525-9140 Ext. 27024


Website: http: //

McMaster University


DeGroote Student Recruitment Centre

McMaster University

1280 Main Street West

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  L8S 4M4

Phone: 905-525-9140, Ext. 27024