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Study for an MBA in Canada

An MBA at  University of New Brunswick 

- Saint John Canada Connecting Current & Future Business Leaders

The courses that make up the core of the UNBSJ MBA Concentrations are all "adopted" by business organizations who face, day-to-day, the challenges of constantly improving their competitiveness. Our adoptive organizations provide their decision-makers to interact with our students in the classroom. They offer real-world project scenarios to enhance students' knowledge and skills and serve as a "live" platform on which students can apply classroom knowledge to the challenges being faced by today's managers and organizations.

Simply put, you can be confident that what you learn in the UNBSJ MBA is going to be in demand among potential employers. The result - you will finish your degree with the skills and ability required to be successful, whether it's on your own in a new start-up or working for someone else.

Testimonials The UNBSJ MBA program may be taken either by full- or part-time students. It is a comprehensive, intensive program with specialized tracks of study in International Business (IB), Electronic Commerce (EC), and Forest Products Marketing (FPM), a track offered jointly with UNB's Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. Our program attracts both Canadian and international candidates and is structured to develop skills through a modular progression of courses that build on one another - from the fundamentals of business to advanced management practice. Course work is complemented along with workshops and seminars that will integrate and expand communication, leadership, problem-solving and management skills.

Class meetings, seminars, workshops, cases, simulations, projects, teamwork and a workplace internship or in depth research project, combine to give students a well-rounded, practical business education.


Kelly Berg

MBA Program & Planning AssistantUniversity of New Brunswick - Saint John

Phone:  (506) 648 5735

Fax:  (506) 648 5574



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Michelle Scott

MBA Program & Planning Assistant University of New Brunswick - Saint John

Phone:   (506) 648 5735

Fax:  (506) 648 5574