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International Graduate Study

Preparation Program

Admission to graduate level education at a North American university is increasingly competitive and demanding. Many qualified international students are rejected because they do not understand the admission process. The decision to pursue graduate studies requires extensive planning and research to fi nd the program most suitable for the student. Furthermore, succeeding in a North American graduate school requires an understanding of the cultural approaches that will be the most effective, plus a combination of academic and professional skills of which many students may not be familiar. The International Graduate Study Preparation Program (IGSPP) focuses on building the knowledge, skills and awareness which international students need for admission to and success in graduate study:
-researching the various schools to find the ideal program;
-understanding the admission process for graduate study;
-building the communication and cultural skills necessary to convey your academic goal to your preferred graduate school;
-developing the critical thinking and teamwork skills fundamental to graduate school work.
This program is an excellent place to begin your path to graduate studies.
Program Overview
IGSPP is a six-month, certifi cate program on the main campus of The University of British Columbia (UBC). The fi rst term (three months) for all students involves intensive English language training (ESL). The second term (three months) of IGSPP has several main areas of development and learning:
-Academic Planning: goal setting, program investigation, application preparations
-Academic Skills: research methods, critical thinking, academic integrity
-Culture and Communication: presentations, intercultural communication, debate
-Graduate Academic Writing: persuasive writing, thesis development, citation
-Professional Skills: networking, interviewing, teamwork
-Optional Workshops: student visa extension, language-learning strategies.
International Graduate Study Preparation Program REV-CIC0806 Centre for Intercultural Communication Students must achieve an advanced fl uency level in the fi rst term before they can proceed to the academic preparation part of IGSPP in the second term (approximately IELTS 6.5 or equivalent). Students who require additional terms of language training to reach this level will be required to pay additional funds for each additional term.
IGSPP is not a degree program nor is it a direct path to graduate study at UBC or any other university. IGSPP, however, is a UBC certifi cate program that includes rigorous training and study that prepares students for graduate school admission and performance. Upon successful completion of the IGSPP program, graduates will receive a program certifi cate. Successful students will also receive a letter of recommendation/reference to strengthen their graduate school applications.
Completion of IGSPP does not guarantee admission to the graduate programs at UBC or any other post-secondary institution. Admission to these programs is controlled by that institution's policies and admission standards.
Session Dates
New sessions are scheduled for January, April, July and September intakes. Please visit our website for program dates, prices and more information: To apply, please complete the online application form.
The University of British Columbia Continuing Studies Centre for Intercultural Communication
410-5950 University Boulevard Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z3 Tel: +1-604-822-0321
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