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Climate: Honduras's climate is hot and humid almost all year round. The coast is hot and tropical while the mountainous area is slightly cooler.
Language:Spanish is the official language of Honduras.
Spanish, Garifuna, Arabic, English, Miskito are other languages spoken on a regular basis in Honduras.
Currency:The Honduran lempira, denoted by HNL, is the official currency of Honduras. One USD equals 18.75 HNL. The lempira is named in honor of the native leader who fought the Spaniards. His name translates to "gentleman of the mountain." His picture is on the 1-lempira bill and the 50-cent coin.
Population:In July of 2000 the population of Honduras was estimated at 6.25 million, with an annual growth rate of 2.52 percent. In 2000, for every person who died in Honduras, approximately 6 were born. The birth rate during this period was 32.65 per 1, 000, the death rate 5.31 per 1, 000.
Capital City:Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras. Tegucigalpa is also the capital of Honduras's Francisco Moraz n department.
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