International Education

Pembroke House, Gilgil, Kenya

School Profile:
150 students, 6-14 yrs
UK curriculum
PO Box 31, Gilgil, 20116, Kenya
Tel: (+254) 50 401 5477
Fax: (+254) 50 401 5497
http: //www.pembrokehouse. sc. ke
Pembroke House was founded in 1927 and is presently owned and administered by the Kenya Educational Trust. With grounds of over 100 acres, it is situated in the Rift Valley at 6, 660 feet, and is 75 miles from Nairobi. The climate is sunny throughout the year.
Facilities at Pembroke House, Kenya include the chapel, swimming pool, music rooms, two libraries, CDT/art rooms, computer room, squash courts and golf course.
Boys and girls are admitted from age six years. They follow a British-style curriculum and are prepared for the Common Entrance Examination which qualifies them for entry to independent senior schools in the UK, South Africa and Nairobi. The school has a record of gaining several scholarships each year.
The average number of pupils in each form is 15, and there are 20 fully qualified members of teaching staff plus two matrons, a caterer and a bursar.
The main sports at Pembroke House, Kenya are cricket, hockey and rugby with tennis, swimming, athletics, squash, golf, riding, sailing, water-skiing, gliding and shooting as complementary activities. A full range of other activities, clubs and various extras including learning musical instruments are also offered. There is emphasis on drama. All the activities are available for girls; their main sports are rounders, hockey and netball.
The Pembroke House, Kenya has a good reputation for work and games and the Headmaster's aim is to continue to produce boys and girls of upright character who will give of their utmost in the classroom, on the field, and in all spheres of school life.