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ICU (Information and Communications University) is the only IT-specialized university in Korea, jointly founded in 1997 by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)--Korea¡¯s largest national IT research institute--, and IT industrial bodies. We have two schools of engineering and IT business, both of which focus on IT. Despite its short history, ICU has established itself as Korea's premier higher education institution in the IT field, contributing to the advancement of Korea's IT industry as well as the education of global IT manpower. Now ICU is aiming to become one of the world's best IT institutions.
ICU has been leading the globalization of Korean universities by building international partnerships with nearly 90 universities and research institutes in over 30 countries, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) in the US and Munich University of Technology in Germany. In October 2006, ICU successfully hosted the International Forum for University Presidents on ICT Education (IFUP-ICT 2006). At the moment, ICU is planning to establish a branch campus in Lithuania, Korea's first campus abroad, at the request of the Lithuanian government, and preparing to provide real-time cyber classes for universities in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Yemen.
As the only IT research university in Korea, one of the world's IT powerhouses, ICU is also in vanguard of IT research and development. The amount of research funds per faculty member is the highest among the Korean universities. It has the most number of national research centers among small Korean universities and is the only Korean university that runs joint research centers with Samsung Electronics and Korea Telecom (KT), Korea's most prominent IT companies. Furthermore, ICU houses the world's 7th and Korea's only Auto-ID Lab, the internationally acclaimed RFID/USN (Radio Frequency Identification/Ubiquitous Sensor Networks) research network headquartered at MIT.
ICU continually develops and implements innovative and practical education approaches to produce future global IT leaders. We teach all the major courses in English, an unprecedented case among Korean universities, and include internships as part of the curricula. We also require students to take interdisciplinary courses to develop broad and creative knowledge and abilities immediately applicable to the real-world situations. In addition, from March 2007, ICU offers the Global MBA program, the world's first IT MBA program with an integrated curriculum of IT engineering and management.
Our creative and globalized approaches to IT education and research have drawn highly talented domestic and international students. Our undergraduate students are selected from the top 1% of Korean SAT examinees and 60% of the students are from Korea's specialized high schools such as Science High School. 20% of our graduate student population is foreign nationals, contributing a great deal to the growth of ICU in its academic and research capacity.
I have great confidence that ICU will achieve its status as a world-class IT center for education and research in the near future. I would like to invite you to become a part of this great development whether as an active participant, supporter or as an observer.
Unna Huh, Ph.D.
President of ICU

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