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About this course                                             ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

This qualification is aimed at people wishing to obtain a     INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
lower to medium level business position or wanting to         The pre-requisite for entering this
expand on their Certificate III qualification and is ideally  course is:
suited to people who wish to gain knowledge and theory in     - IELTS score of 5.5 with no band less
some depth, across a range of business areas.
                                                                  than 5.0 (or equivalent).
Students will be required to complete a core unit in          - High school certificate OR copy of
Occupational Health and Safety and their choice of
electives from Customer Service, Continuity,                      highest level of qualification.
Administration, Innovation, Intellectual Property,
Interpersonal Communication, Learning and Development,        DOMESTIC STUDENTS
Marketing, Recordkeeping, Research, Sustainability,           The pre-requisite for entering this
Writing and various Management fields.                        course is:
                                                              - High school certificate OR
Career and study pathway                                      - Copy of highest level of qualification

Students who successfully complete this course may find       COURSE COST AND DURATION
employment in lower to medium level business positions,
such as an Administrator or Project Officer or continue on     Please refer to our tuition page or
to further business study such as Diploma of Business or       application forms for latest course
University Degree Programs.                                    cost and duration.

Learning Outcomes                                    

Upon completion of this course, a Certificate IV in           COURSE DELIVERY
Business will be issued. Students will gain the following
skill sets for employability: communication, teamwork,        Internal - Brisbane City Campus
problem-solving, imitative and enterprise, planning and       Internal - Blackstone Campus
organising, self-management, learning and technology.         External – Correspondence/Distance
Students may continue on to the Diploma of Business or        Learning (Domestic Students)
gain employment.
Program Structure
                                                              Download our application form at our
All units of competency are to be taught separately due to    website:
the wide range of possible combinations available. This
allows for students to choose units which do not overlap
with other units they have chosen, or have already            Send your application with the required
completed.                                                    documents to:

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