Page 2 - University of Cape Town Postgraduate Prospectus 2016
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Message from the Vice-Chancellor	                          2   Fees		                                               35
                                                               	 Tuition fees and international fees
UCT’s mission statement	                                   5   	 Sources of postgraduate student funding	

Why UCT?	                                                  6   Accommodation	36
	 Research strengths                                           	 University residences
	 Some key facts                                               	 Off campus private accommodation
	 International students and partnerships
	 UCT and the city of Cape Town                                Student support and resources	                       37
	 Postgraduate website
                                                               	 Office of Postgraduate Studies

                                                               	 The Postgraduate Centre and Funding Office

Postgraduate programmes on offer	                          9   	 The International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO)

	 The duration of postgraduate programmes                      	 Library services

	 Research-linked programmes                                   	 ICTS services

	 Centres of Excellence and SARChIs                            	 Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED)

	 Signature themes and strategic initiatives for research      	 Careers Services

	 Interdisciplinary research units                             	 Disablity services

                                                               	 Jammie Shuttle bus service

Faculty of Commerce	                                       15  	 Student Wellness Service

                                                               	 Postgraduate academic sub-council

Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment	 18	

                                                               Campus life	                                         41
                                                               	 Academic societies
Faculty of Health Sciences	                                21  	 Faith societies
                                                               	 National/cultural societies
Faculty of Humanities	                                     25  	 Political organisations
                                                               	 Special interest and cultural societies
Faculty of Law	                                            29  	 Sports clubs
                                                               	 Student community engagement opportunities
Faculty of Science	                                        31

How to apply	                                              33  Glossary of terms	                                   43
	 The academic calendar
	 Entry requirements                                           Contact numbers and email addresses	                 45
	 Application process
		 When to apply
		 How to apply
		 Application fee
	 First payment of tuition fees
	 Pre-registration for international students

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