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Message from the

                                     Dear prospective student       are very likely to have those but we encourage you to make
                                                                    direct contact with the head of the relevant department to
                                     I am delighted that you are    enquire further.
                                     considering applying for
                                     postgraduate studies at the    Fourth, UCT has seventy-four recognized research
                                     University of Cape Town. I     entities including 9 Medical Research Council units. Our
                                     expect that you are likely to  research leaders raise over R800 million a year in research
                                     have various options for your  grants and contracts. We have many industry supported
                                     postgraduate studies, so I     research programmes and laboratories. And we have
                                     hope that this Prospectus      people and structures to support you such as the Director
                                     will both enthuse you and      of Postgraduate Studies, the postgraduate funding office,
                                     answer questions you may       the writing centre, research methodology courses, and
                                     have about applying.           much more.

Choosing a university for postgraduate study, particularly          Finally, most of our academics have extensive networks
if there is a research component to the degree, should be           and collaborations with global partners. As a result, many
informed by at least six things:                                    graduate students have the chance to interact and work
•	 the quality of the supervisors;                                  with academic leaders from around the world, increasing
•	 the reputation of the university;                                your opportunities for when you join the globalized world
•	 the facilities for research;                                     of work. By the time you graduate, you are likely to have
•	 the existence of research teams and units that have a            built up a network of professional contacts at UCT, other
	 critical mass of ongoing projects so that one is part of          South African universities, industry (depending on your
	 a group and can readily join a flowing river of                   field of study), and further afield in Africa and abroad who
	 productive research activity, rather than trying to swim          can assist you in your further career choices, whether that
	 alone with minimal direction and support;                         is to become an academic or to pursue your career in other
•	 the ability to prepare you for the next stage in your            fields.
	 career, and
•	 opportunities to have fun.                                       You will have a great time! You are likely to make new
                                                                    and lasting friendships and, after graduating, will join an
Firstly, at UCT you will have the opportunity to get a world-       extensive alumni community of over 100,000 members
class training from outstanding teachers and undertake              reaching all corners of the globe. Postgraduate students
innovative research with internationally experienced                from Africa and from the rest of the world make UCT a
supervisors. As a postgraduate student you will benefit             vibrant and cosmopolitan place. Almost a quarter of the
directly from the latest scholarly work and discoveries             postgraduate students are from countries other than
made by our distinguished researchers. The vast majority            South Africa.
of our postgraduate teachers have PhDs; more have
National Research Foundation ratings than at any other              In short, UCT strives to provide each postgraduate student
university in SA; some 280 post-doctoral fellows further            with a well-rounded enriching experience that includes
contribute to research programmes; we have the highest              academic growth, professional preparedness, cultural
number of A-rated scientists and SA Research Chairs.                engagement and participation in social and sporting
                                                                    activities. All this on the most spectacularly situated
Secondly, obtaining a degree from the University of Cape            campus at the foot of Table Mountain.
Town means that you will have a high quality education
from an internationally recognized university that is               As a last word I’d like to mention finances. We’re aware
regarded as a global leader in many fields.                         of the financial demands on senior students. Have a look
                                                                    at the various financial support options available to you
Thirdly, our resources and facilities support postgraduate          through the Postgraduate Centre & Funding Office.
work. In this Prospectus you can read about our library
initiatives, IT and computing support, the wide range of            We look forward to welcoming you to UCT.
academic and professional development opportunities,
and the connections between research and solving actual             Max Price
problems in the community or clinical settings. If you have
need of specialized laboratory set-ups and apparatus, we            Vice-Chancellor

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