Page 6 - University of Cape Town Postgraduate Prospectus 2016
P. 6


UCT aspires to be the premier academic meeting point       Our research-led identity is shaped by a commitment to:
between South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world.    •	 academic freedom as the prerequisite to fostering
Taking advantage of expanding global networks and          	 intellectual debate and free inquiry;
our distinct vantage point in Africa, we are committed,    •	 ensuring that research informs all our activities
through innovative research and scholarship, to grappling  	 including teaching, learning and service to the
with the key issues of our natural and social worlds.      	 community;
                                                           •	 advancing and disseminating knowledge that
We aim to produce graduates whose qualifications           	 addresses the key challenges facing society – South
are internationally recognised and locally applicable,     	 African, continental and global;
underpinned by values of engaged citizenship and social    •	 protecting curiosity-driven research;
justice. UCT will promote diversity and transformation     •	 nurturing and valuing creativity in the sciences and
within our institution and beyond, including growing the   	 arts, including the performing and creative arts;
next generation of academics.                              •	 stimulating international linkages of researchers and
                                                           	 research groupings.

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