Halswell School is a vibrant full Primary School in Christchurch New Zealand.


We are one of the newest safest and most modern learning environments available and are leading globally in teaching and learning.

Our Wonderful New School

·        Halswell is a decile 10 school where the teaching is in a brand new safe modern healthy environment that offers the best possible learning for success in the 21 st Century.  The students have access to superb resources and the latest technology. The focus is on real learning and being actively involved.

·        There are vibrant well connected learning studios that allow flexibility, easy access to resources and technology. There are colourful quiet learning spaces for targeted teaching groups to support individuals and group learning.

·        Sheltered outdoor learning areas enable seamless blending of indoor outdoor learning. We have a huge stadium for school and community use as well as a school library, music studios, technology centre and an International Student meeting room. The outdoors are interesting and designed for learning, playing and sports.

The World Class Curriculum


·          In New Zealand all schools must follow the innovative New Zealand Education Curriculum. The vision is to develop young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved and life-long learners.

·          The methods of teaching and learning see that all children are able to succeed to the best of their own ability and enjoy being at school. There is regular assessment to ensure that students are progressing in all subject areas and the teaching is making a difference to the learning. The Government sets National Standards of expected achievement for reading writing and mathematics. Parents must be informed about how their child is progressing.

·          At Halswell there is a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and science learning at each level with opportunities for extension or extra support. The year 7 and 8 programme offers additional opportunities with specialist staff with a focus on leadership, independence and life skills to ensure a smooth pathway to secondary school.

    Many Hearts Make Our School

·          A special feature of our school is the very happy, kind and caring family atmosphere. There is a lovely school culture of pride and wanting to participate and do well as well as a close relationship between our younger and older students enhanced through a whole school buddy programme.

·          Halswell School reflects the importance our local community places on Education.  Parents play a very important role in their child’s education and the governance of the school. The school has over 150 years of interesting history and tradition and is always a place that the local community are made feel welcome and are proud of.

·          We have over 30 highly qualified teaching staff. All are part of ongoing professional development of leading edge education. They are all committed to ensuring the very best outcomes for all children and love being part of a very collaborative team.

·          Halswell students excel academically as well as in extra- curricular activities and often participate nationally and globally. They are highly regarded in Christchurch and many are offered scholarships to secondary schools.

·           There are many extra opportunities at school and within the local community to enrich the lives of children through music, instrumental tuition, radio club, chess, sport, dance, environmental activities, educational camps, languages, cultural activities and the performing arts.                


Unique Lifestyle


·          Halswell is in sort after beautiful peaceful area that is close to the city centre as well as the open green spaces and popular recreational areas. The location is very convenient and easy to get around by car, bus, walking or biking. The airport is 15 minutes away. There is an interesting rapidly developing retail and commercial area with a variety shops, cafes, swimming pool and a superb new library.

·           There opportunities for adults and children to join recreational activities in the very active local community.


  Welcome to International Students


·           Internationalisation is a highly valued part of our school charter. We are proud of our well established reputation for the quality experiences we have provided to many families from abroad. We welcome and embrace opportunities to meet people from around the globe and the cultural diversity and friendships they bring.

·           Highly qualified staff ensures the students learn English quickly to ensure success in the classroom. Small group or individual support is available depending on needs.

·          International Students leave with confidence, connected to the real world with wonderful memories to share and life long friendships.

·          High quality homestays for children 11 years of age or more can be arranged and are monitored by the school to ensure a wonderful family life style experience. We offer pathways from year 8 to secondary schools as well helping parents who wish to study here.

·          Enrolments are welcomed at any time of the year for any length of time.

·          We are a signatory to the New Zealand Code Of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. This ensures the highest possible care and safety standards for International Students and their families.



We are proud to offer our International Students one of the highest quality educational, social and family experiences available.


Please visit us at www.halswell.school.nz  or contact the International Director admin@halswell.school.nz



Halswell School 

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Phone: +64 3322 7038


Preparing for lifelong success – 

by inspiring every child to: imagine, create, learn and believe