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English Courses in Auckland New Zealand

Shane Global Village- Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is the largest city in the South Pacific. It rolls over a series of hills around two beautiful harbours, and has many long and spectacular views. It's often called the "City of Sails" because of the local people's passion for yachting. It's also a vibrantly multicultural city, with people from all over the world and a huge variety of restaurants serving different cuisines. It's New Zealand's nightlife and shopping capital, and there are always music, comedy, and other cultural events going on. Yet it is also only hours from unspoilt beaches and islands rich in vegetation and wildlife, as well as mountains, ski slopes, and New Zealand's spectacular natural scenery. Beautiful, clean, safe, un-crowded, nuclear-free, unpolluted and inexpensive - where could be better than New Zealand to study English?

SGV Auckland is located in an elegant Edwardian building with windows overlooking Queen Street, the heart of Auckland and the city's main shopping street. It is just minutes from shops, cafes, restaurants, parks, bus and ferry terminals, cinemas, museums, universities and other cultural facilities.

The Facilities* 15 classrooms* 2 student common rooms* 1 multimedia computer lab* free internet and e-mail

The Activities* Sports afternoon* Mountain biking* Rock climbing* Cultural activities* Dinners* Weekend/day trips* Visits to the zoo, the aquarium, markets and shopping areas

SGV Auckland is a member of the Combined Registered English Language Schools (CRELS). All CRELS schools are bound by the constitution to support students affected by the closure of a member school by providing similar tuition at no extra cost to the student. On your first day at school, you will be tested and placed in the right class for your level.

As your English gets better you will be moved up in levels so that your English keeps improving. Self-access study facilities are available, providing extra materials for listening, reading and writing. You can spend additional time in the school improving your English, with friends and teachers close by to help you. You will be tested on all four skills and receive a report once a month and be given a certificate when you finish your course.

General English


This is where you develop all four of the main English skills; speaking, listening, reading, writing. You will learn how to understand English better. You will be taught all the parts of English language and how to use them in everyday spoken and written communication. The classes are active so you will have lots of chances to speak and practise. This is great for preparing you for everyday life, for working with English-speaking people and for travelling around the world. You will learn how to speak English better with the Shane English courses. English for Academic Purposes (EAP)Do you plan to study more after your English studies? If so, you will need a little extra help if you plan to study further at a High School, University or Technical College. The level and accuracy of English required for study is far higher. We help you with a class designed to provide you with the best English preparation for your academic purposes. Special vocabulary and grammar will be covered, and you will also learn good classroom techniques to help you get the most out of your further study.Examination Course

We offer examination classes for the two top international examinations, IELTS and TOEFL, and TOEIC and Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) on demand. We will help you prepare for these exams which are recognised around the world. You will learn the language skills and knowledge necessary to do well in these exams. Teachers will use the latest materials and focus closely on exactly the right techniques to help you be as successful as you can in each exam. We can also help you to enrol for the exam and to make sure you are fully prepared.Activity CoursesWe also provide activity courses for holiday groups, where you will study each day as well as go on a special activity such as horse-riding, sailing, playing golf or even bungee-jumping! Please ask us for information on these courses.


Childrens' Classes


Shane is one of the few schools to offer a fully developed kids course. Shane Auckland accepts children from eight years up (younger by arrangement). Courses can be fulltime or part-time and are based on material produced by SGV in the UK. These classes are subject to numbers. Read on.

Why choose Shane Global Village English Centres?

1 Quality English Courses

SGV pays close attention to the needs of the individual by offering small classes (average 12 students), at all ability levels from Beginner to Advanced. SGV classes are communication-based and focus on speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary building. Regular surveys are conducted to ensure that quality is consistently high at all SGV schools.

2 Choice of Programs

SGV offers a wide range of English programs.

3 Professional Staff

SGV teachers are university educated, highly experienced and certified to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Many have taught overseas and understand the challenges of learning a foreign language. The administrative staff is there to provide information and help students with any problems which may arise.

4 International Atmosphere

SGV attracts students from all over the world to learn English, communicate and share their culture. Our nationality quota system ensures there are students from many countries.

5 Choice of Locations

There are 14 Shane Global Village schools (including the Ascot and Worcester summer campuses for junior programmes in the UK), each with its own special ambience, located in exciting and unique locations. Students can register at more than one location or transfer between schools during their course of study.

6 Modern Computer Facilities

SGV schools are equipped with multi-media computer labs which have all the latest hardware and software to assist students in learning English. Most schools are equiped with flat screen monitors in their web enabled classrooms.

7 State of the Art Technology

Internet and e-mail are offered to all of our students, at no extra cost, so that they may communicate with old and new friends from around the world. Laptop computers or desktop computers with flat screen displays (at SGV Vancouver and SGV Calgary) are provided to students in the Business English Program .

8 Safe Accommodation

SGV provides full-service, high-quality homestay programs with airport pick-up available upon request. All SGV schools manage the homestay program in-house to ensure student satisfaction. Residence and apartment information is also available upon request.

9 Exciting Activities

At SGV we believe that activities are an important part of a student's learning experience. Our Activities Coordinators organize a variety of exciting sport and cultural activities during the week. Day trips and weekend adventure excursions are also available every month.

10 English Only Policy

In order to provide students with a complete English immersion experience, all SGV schools follow a strict English Only Policy.

Shane Global Village English Centres Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: 64 (9) 309 2201

School Fax: 64 (9) 309 8820

Direct Fax:  64 (9) 309 1039

Shane Global Village

Levels 2-5,

138 Queen Street.

PO Box 105-347


New Zealand

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Shane and Global Village English Centres logo (leaping man)

Shane Global Village English Centres


New Zealand


64 (9) 309 2201

School Fax:

64 (9) 309 8820

Direct Fax: 

64 (9) 309 1039

Levels 2-5,

138 Queen Street.PO Box 105-347


New Zealand