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  Tauranga Girls’ College (TGC) offers the best possible education for the enhancement of young women to become leaders of tomorrow. The college develops confidence and leadership skills through a wide range of subjects and activities. Of the current roll of 1400 students, Year 9 to Y13, forty-eight of them are International girls, who come mainly from Europe and Asia.
The city of Tauranga is in the beautiful Bay of Plenty on the east coast of the North Island. With a population of approximately 130,000 it is the fastest growing city in New Zealand and is famous for its sun, beaches and horticulture. Tauranga provides an excellent balance between large city facilities and the more relaxed lifestyle found in provincial New Zealand.  


  Students in Y9 and 10 undertake compulsory subjects of English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies. They have six additional, half year options at Y9 and three additional, full year options at Y10. English as a Second Language (ESOL) is provided for those students who require it.

In Y11-13 the range of subjects are diverse. Subjects come under the disciplines of English, Mathematics Science, Social Sciences, Technology and Systems, The Arts, Physical Ed. & Health, Languages, Business Studies and Vocational. Credits for each subject goes towards receiving the NCEA certificate and University Entrance. For further information refer to our website about our curriculum.

For some, the thought of a girl’s single sex education may sound unusual. However, there is a body of evidence that clearly indicates that single sex education, particularly for girls, promotes success and attainment in the school’s and country’s examination system and there is less likelihood of girls leaving school without qualifications and therefore reduced exposure to unemployment.

Critics have noted that girls in a single sex schools have improved student attitudes to learning. Lee and Bryk (Journal of Educational Psychology, 1989 - state, "Girls’ schools evidenced consistent and positive effects on student attitudes towards academics. These students were more likely to associate with academically oriented peers and to express specific interests in both mathematics and English".

At Tauranga Girls’ College the opportunity to shine in any field whether it is on the sports field, in the Arts or in Academics, is coupled with the single-minded approach that girls’ can be anything they want to be. This methodology is a major focus of the subjects and programmes driven by the staff and sustained through ‘girl-centred’ learning. The lack of competition for school resources, the delivery of subjects that are matched to the way girls learn best, are all tailored to encourage girls’ to be successful and be proud of their achievements.  


  Girls who actively take risks at TGC do so without fear of embarrassment or harassment. Taking mathematics, science and technology are seen to be the norm and through our results and those of other girls’ schools, we can proudly state that girls in girls’ schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in New Zealand.

In Tauranga Girls’ College latest ERO report (NZ Schools’ Inspection system) the inspectors stated:

‘A feature of the school is the wide range of opportunities and learning pathways available for students both within and beyond the classroom’.


For the international student, TGC also provides superior, quality homestays, with full board provided by the host family. Homestay parents treat international girls as their own daughters and can be seen as the foundation of our successful international programme. We know that a happy homestay experience is essential to a successful stay at Tauranga Girls’ College.

Information about current school fees and costs are available online under the International tab at


Director of International Students -

Linda Clifford


Address: Tauranga Girls’ College 930 Cameron Road, Tauranga 3112 New Zealand

Phone +64 7 5788114 ext. 729

Mobile +64 27 552 2819




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