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Youth for Christ Urban Mission Studies

Mission Internship Programme New Zealand

Certificate in Youth work


Youth for Christ New Zealand Inc is looking for young adults who are keen to be missionaries involved in a process of transforming lives, transforming communities in Aotearoa  New Zealand and overseas.  Through the Urban Mission Studies Internship programme, Youth for Christ motivates, equips, inspires and provides ongoing care and support for these missionaries to enable them to be involved in mission projects to young people.


Launched in 2001, Mission Internship is a one year training programme in the mission and philosophy of YFC. The Internship is offered in Aotearoa /New Zealand through a series of block courses as a distance programme.

Youth for Christ is registered with the NZ Qualifications Authority as a Private Training Establishment. The course is taught by YFC staff, and a range of other resource personnel. The internship leads to the Certificate in Youthwork, an NZQA registered qualification.



The YFC Mission Internship will challenge you to grow in your Christian walk. It will challenge the way you treat other people, and the way you treat yourself. It is not just about books, theories and ministry skills (you'll collect some of these).  It's also about less measurable things: attitude, life-style, integrity and trustworthiness.

You can expect a balance between lectures, discussions, small groups and personal practical projects. Most of the teaching input will take place over a series of block courses (two one-week blocks per term).

For the rest of the term you will be working from a local YFC centre, developing projects with young people. Between each block course you will have course work to complete back at your centre. Assessment of your learning will be balanced between written assignments, practical work and seminars which the students themselves will present.

A lot of the course is based around an approach to learning that will get you doing something, reflecting on how to do it better, and then having another go.


We ask each student to be based from a local YFC centre for his or her practical work.  Within the course, students will have the opportunity to specialize in specific mission areas of YFC.

YFC projects include:

The Rock:The aim of The Rock is to help Christian High School students creatively and courageously share the message of Jesus with the students in their own schools. Currently The Rock operates in over 60 schools around New Zealand. Atomic:Atomic Productions is all about the creative proclamation of the gospel utilising large events. The course includes aspects of programme production, promotion, team building, organisation, utilisation of the arts etc. YFC is currently running events such as 'CTC', concert productions at Harvest Camps, local centre concerts, talent scans and other events. Clubs:Youth for Christ has a wide variety of relationship focused projects. These include Rock Solid, The Sauce, Kandu, Youth Works and many others that operate at a national or local level. Y One:Y One is a travelling music and drama team. If you are enrolled in the internship as a member of this team, you will complete most of your course work for the internship in a ten week block at the start of the year. Your practical work will be developed over the rest of the year as you travel with the team.


The course has a list of core subjects that cover personal, interpersonal, organisational, theological principles and skills.  Students must complete ALL of these in order to complete the qualification. They can apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) if they have already done some of the core subjects listed.

There are also Selected Studies focused on biblical studies and aspects of YFC: mission, philosophy, community profile, lifestyle and faith support.

As students develop their projects, they will be asked to start a journal in which they reflect on their performance. In order to complete the qualification, they will need to record and discuss with their supervisor 100 hours of fieldwork during the year. (Ten hours per credit)

Students will spend about two weeks each (school) term at an Internship Block Course. For the rest of their time they will be working with a local YFC Centre where they will be required to develop their own projects and also to contribute to the YFC programs already being run in their area. At the local centre, students can expect to have two half days per week available to complete their assignment work.


Expect your year with the YFC Mission Internship to be a 'whole person' experience.

We believe that successful mission to youth involves more than just developing a set of skills. The way you relate to other people, your attitudes, your relationship with God, your integrity, and how you manage your time are examples of areas of your life that you can expect to find a spotlight on during your year.

We are committed to treating each person respectfully. We are also committed to challenging you to grow by inviting you to do regular personal reflection with your supervisor and to receive regular feedback from others who work alongside you.

During the year you will be asked to travel to selected YFC conferences and four block courses. You can expect at least 4 weeks warning of dates. If you live away from the area the block course is being run in you will be given an allowance towards your travel. If you book early and combine with other students, you should be able to travel within your allowance.

The Certificate in Youthwork runs over 42 weeks, this includes 40 weeks of course work and a two week break. During the school holidays there will normally be no lectures, but this is still normally regarded as course time. You will be expected to be involved with your YFC Centre, either running activities as part of your own project (for example running a holiday programme, or a camp), or helping with another YFC event.

The following fees applied for the 2004 academic year, all prices quoted include GST. We require a deposit of $250 to be paid at the time you send in your enrolment.

  $2,400  This includes a $250 deposit

Unless you have a medical, or other special exemption, you will need your driver's licence (at least your learners) before you start the course.

You must be over 17 when you apply, there is no upper age limit.


Postal Address:

PO Box 1641

Paraparaumu Beach

Kapiti New Zealand

Phone: (04)9028547



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Postal Address:

PO Box 1641

Paraparaumu Beach

Kapiti New Zealand

Phone: (04) 9028547