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The website for international students who are considering studying in the United Arab Emirates.

Studying in the United Arab Emirates can certainly have its benefits: sun, sea, sand, potential tax-free earnings after graduation, and some of the best universities in the Gulf region.

Commonly shortened to UAE, the United Arab Emirates is made up of seven states, or emirates (kind of like a much, much smaller version of the United States) . As with states in the US, each emirate has some degree of independence, but there’s also a federal government. This is known as the Supreme Council of Rulers, and is made up of the seven emirs – the leaders of each emirate – who inherit their positions.

Since the 1950s, when oil was discovered in the region, the UAE’s economy has undergone rapid change. As well as oil and gas exportation, the country has focused on growing its construction and tourism industries; to an extent these go hand in hand – the impressive feats of modern design on display in Dubai are among the main attractions for visitors.

New Features this week:

 Best Colleges in Dubai for International Students

Dubai English Speaking College is part of the oldest British school in Dubai; Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) - Read More

Abu Dhabi University

MBA Program at Abu Dhabi University

The MBA program uses a stimulating blend of case studies, exercises, discussions, group work, simulations and lectures to present course material in the most effective way. This balanced teaching approach is used to maximize the learning experience- Read More

English Speaking coeducational independent School in Abu

Al Ain English Speaking School (AAESS) is a coeducational independent all-through school, catering for all ages from three to 18; Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form - Read More

Abu Dhabi University

English Language Institute at Abu Dhabi University

The English Language Institute (ELI) is proud to offer a range of language foundation and pre-sessional programmes to help students learn language.
ELI also welcome applications from professional and business clients
Read More

American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK)

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) is a Public Nonprofit independent co-education institution of Higher Education that provides an integrated American-style, undergraduate and graduate education with a strong focus on local indigenous culture - Read More

Study Business in Dubai

CBA offers Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in four majors: Accounting, Health Management, Tourism and Event Management and Business Administration.-  Read More

International Schools  in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi International School has a great track record among the expat community of Abu Dhabi. The school has a student body of approximately 3,000 students including special needs- Read More

Dubai English Speaking College (DES)

Dubai English Speaking College is part of the oldest British school in Dubai; Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) . - Read More

Study Architectural Engineering in the United Arab Emirates

Architecture is the science and art of shaping the built environment and establishing habitable and enjoyable communities- Read More

UAE Quick Facts:

United Arab Emirates:

Climate:Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, the UAE has a sub-tropical arid climate and is warm and sunny in winter, but hot and humid during the summer months. The humidity is particularly high in the coastal areas. Rainfall is virtually non-existent, with occasional short showers occurring mainly in winter. Localised thunderstorms sometimes occur in summer.
Language:Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates. English is also widely spoken, as are Hindi, Urdu, and Persian.
Currency:The dirham is the currency of the United Arab Emirates. The ISO 4217 code (currency abbreviation) for the United Arab Emirates dirham is AED. Unofficial abbreviations include DH or Dhs. The dirham is subdivided into 100 fils.
Population:The UAE's population has grown exponentially to 8.26 million in mid-2010, a growth of 64.5% in four years, as strong economic growth attracted workers from all over the world. According to latest population estimates put out by the National Bureau of Statistics on last Thursday, the population of Emiratis have increased by 96, 833 to 947, 997, or 11.47 per cent, in the last four years.
Capital City:Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast.
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