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APU Cambridge Centre for English Language Studies

At APU, we take our students and their studies very seriously. We are aware of the big commitment that you make when you come to Study in the United Kingdom and we make every effort to ensure that your period of study with us is successful. Student life centres round two main areas: studies and social life.

The Cambridge Centre for English Language Studies is located on the Cambridge campus in the Department of Languages and has its own excellently equipped suite of rooms. Special resources include multimedia language laboratories, video equipment and closed-circuit TV studio facilities. All teachers, many of whom are examiners for the Cambridge Examinations and other English Language examination boards, are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English Language and other specialist subjects.

You are given a test on your first day, comprising a grammar test, a writing task and an interview with a member of the English Language Studies staff. You will then be placed in a class appropriate to your level. The maximum number of students in each class is 16.


The Computer Centre

While you are a student at APU you will have full access to all the computer facilities.

The Library

You will have full access the University library. The library is well-stocked with an extensive range of books, journals and specialist materials which you can use. There is also a wide range of video material: films, television rogrammes and documentaries for you to watch.

The Language Centre

The modern Language Centre is available for self-study and has a range of facilities and materials to help you study on your own at your own speed. There are videos, audio-active cassette players and satellite TV available for use and a member of staff on hand at all times to help you.

Your Social Life

As well as the great opportunities to improve your English through studying, there are lots of opportunities to improve your English by mixing with English students. There are approximately 6, 000 students on the Cambridge campus. Once you are a student at APU, you are automatically a member of the Students£ Union. This means you can join the many societies and clubs available for a wide range of special interests and sports.

Cambridge is well-connected by road and rail to London and other places of interest. Keeping in touch with family and friends is easy, as all students automatically have free Internet and e-mail access.

Last but not least, the famous, bustling international city of Cambridge with its beautiful river winding through its ancient architecture is the perfect place to study!

All Year Courses /efl Ten-week general and specialised English language courses starting in

September, January and April are available. These full-time programmes

offer 16 hours tuition per week in small groups taught by experienced


Students can take external examinations at various times of the year.

General English

Ideal for those wanting to improve their general English for social, work

and study purposes. There are dedicated exam classes working towards

English exams such as FCE, CAE and CPE, as well as non-exam classes.


This course helps you to reach your full potential in the exam and develop the skills you need. APU is a major IELTS testing centre.

English for Business

This course will provide you with the language skills you need to function in a business environment and can also prepare you to take the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate BEC exams.

English with Cultural Studies

This course is intended for anyone who uses English for their studies or

work and who would like to develop a deeper understanding not only of the English Language but also of British culture.

English for Tourism

If you have, or would like to have, a career in any sector of the tourist

industry this course is or you!

English for Law

If you are intending to study Law at degree level (LLB or equivalent) in a

British University, or you already have a career in Law and need to use

English, this course will enable you to approach your work or studies with a higher level of linguistic competence and confidence.

Part-time Courses

We also offer part-time courses such as General English, IELTS, Business,

Presentations, Pronunciation and Advanced Academic Writing.

Course Programme

For all courses the maximum number of students in each group is 16. The minimum age is 18.

The full-time Main Coursesare 18 hours per week of study.

General English

These courses cover all the main skill areas of grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

English for Business

Intermediate level or above. This course aims to develop language awareness for international business situations, as well as business skills for use in the global marketplace.


Pre-intermediate level or above. The IELTS course practices each of the four modules of the IELTS test.

Activate your English

Intermediate level or above. This course centres around activities such as making a short video, creating a course newspaper, interviewing people and giving short presentations.

English for Law

Advanced level. The main areas covered by the English for

Law course are:
  • The Nature of Law
  • The Characteristics of the English Legal System
  • The Classification of Law
  • Sources of Law
  • Legal Institutions and Personnel
  • Laymen and the Legal System

English for Medicine

Upper-intermediate level. The main areas covered by the

English for Medicine course are:
  • Patient communication skills
  • Strategies to facilitate understanding patients
  • Vocabulary used by patients when describing their

  • Slang, colloquialisms and idiomatic language related

to health
  • Comparison of general and medical English terms
  • Language used when examining a patient

The Master's Preparatory Programme /languages/eflsummer/mastersprep.htm This intensive programme prepares you for studying at

Master's level at a British university.

Part-time IELTS and

General English part-time

These two courses are 8 hours per week. Lessons are from 4.00 £ 6.00pm on Monday to Thursday.

Accommodation /languages/eflsummer/accommodation.htm During the summer period you can stay in our Halls of Residence which

are situated on the Cambridge campus.

Undergraduate Programmes BA English Language Studies

For non-native speakers with at least 5.5 IELTS

BA English Language Teaching

Combining an academic degree with the internationally recognised Cambridge CELTA qualification, this programme provides students with the advantages of a professional qualification together with the career flexibility of a standard degree.

BA English Language

For native speakers, this programme develops your linguistic awareness across a range of contexts and is both academic and practical, enabling you to explore issues in applied linguistics and language studies.

BA English for International Business

For non-native speakers, this degree allows students to combine English Language with Business, opening doors to a variety of careers and experiences in today's global environment

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 363271 ext2348

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