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Bournemouth Business School International

Study and Learn English in England at one of the most Accredited English Language Schools and Business Colleges in the UK....

Study English at our highly-accredited English Language School and Business College in the UK. BBSI offers international students a variety of English language courses, business English courses, specialised courses, and certificate, diploma, university foundation and pre-Masters study programmes. BBSI also offers international students a comprehensive UK university placement service and, provided the required grades are achieved, assured entry to a UK university.

BBSI is open throughout the year and provides a friendly learning environment, a sound academic structure and a relaxed social atmosphere. There are 3 primary academic facilities: the English Language School, a Business College and a Summer School. There is a wide range of study programmes available that vary in duration from one week to a full academic year. International students can study for University of Cambridge ESOL examinations in English and Business English, and gain valuable business and professional qualifications.

English Language School

Our English Language School provides training of the highest quality and offers a wide range of English courses at different language levels. Courses are designed in modular format, so that students can enter a course at any time during the year. Training focuses on developing the 4 language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as perfecting grammar and building vocabulary. Students can also study for and undertake the IELTS examination and various Cambridge ESOL examinations.

Business College

Our Business College is well known for its high standards in education and training. The College provides a wide range of study programmes at certificate, higher-certificate and diploma levels, as well as a popular range of university foundation and pre-Masters courses. Subjects covered include, management, business, marketing, finance, hospitality, tourism, law, science, technology and IT. The College also offers an excellent University Placement Service to top universities in England and elsewhere in the UK. All courses include extensive and supportive English-language elements. We also offer Aviation English training and ICAO English-language-proficiency testing.

Summer School

During the summer months in England, June-September, the BBSI Summer School in Bournemouth offers short, summer courses in English. Course duration can be from one to 12 weeks and students can undertake a variety of English language courses, prepare for the IELTS examination, or University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, or alternatively study various business English courses, or specialised courses, and obtain academic and business qualifications. In their free time, students can participate in our busy social and activity programme, or involve themselves in the comprehensive selection of leisure and sporting activities available in Bournemouth both during the day and in the evenings.

UK University Placement Service

BBSI provides a comprehensive university placement service for international undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking entry to top UK universities. On arrival at BBSI, each student is assigned a personal tutor to help and guide them through the university application process. The aim is to ensure that all foundation and pre-masters students are assured of the best possible university place of their choice prior to completion of their BBSI study programme.

UK Professional Work Placements

Work placements form a valuable part of business training and preparation, both in professional and cultural contexts. BBSI has developed a wide network of both local and national businesses who accept international trainees, and we work closely with employers to ensure that trainees benefit fully from the often challenging experience of working in the UK. We can arrange professional placements in industry, commerce, retail trades, and elsewhere. The aim is for trainees to broaden their experience in a vocational environment, as well as hone their English-language skills, with a view to improving their careers, as well as their knowledge and experience.


Bournemouth Business School International

26-28 St Peters Road

Bournemouth, BH1 2LW

01202 780 777

Open Weekdays 8:30am-5pm

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