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St Martin's College

St Martin's College (SMC) is a multi-site Higher Education institution in the north west of England, in the heart of Britain. It has over 10, 000 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate across three campuses (Lancaster, Ambleside and Carlisle). Students are awarded Bachelors, Masters & Doctorate degrees from the Lancaster University.

The cities of Lancaster and Carlisle are in an attractive rural setting on the fringes of the Lake District, immortalised in the poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge. The whole Lake District area is a National Park and Ambleside is within the Park area, in a particularly spectacular setting.

Life in the region is very neighbourly, and visitors appreciate the high level of personal safety. The whole area around and between Ambleside, Lancaster and Carlisle is ideal for outdoor leisure activities such as hill walking, climbing and wind-surfing. The nearby Yorkshire Dales, like the Lake District, has stone-built villages set amidst magnificent rural scenery.

In contrast to their peaceful, rural settings, Lancaster, Ambleside and Carlisle are lively places, with significant student populations which benefit from a diversity of entertainment facilities. Several museums show the history of the area. Theatres and cinemas offer a choice of performances and the pubs provide live music of all types. Restaurants cater for tastes as varied as Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, French and Mexican. Festivals of music, literature and dance attract both tourists and residents throughout the year.

London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York and Glasgow are within easy reach by road or rail and offer the faster pace and more extensive facilities of a larger city - shops, art galleries, etc. Reduced-price rail tickets are available to students. For vacations, mainland Europe and Ireland are easily accessible by plane or overland, with many travel agents offering good value packages.

Each of the campuses has its own distinctive sense of community and offers a complete student experience.

All have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, quality teaching, excellent facilities and a vibrant student experience. The campuses are close to local amenities in communities which are student friendly. Students and staff are genuinely welcoming and there are activities and events to appeal to all tastes and levels of interest.

International Programmes Office

The International Programmes staff play a major role in welcoming students to St Martin's from other parts of the world. They also help students who are already at SMC to visit other countries. All students accepting a place at SMC will receive advance information on travel, insurance, credit transfers, residence, etc.

Pre-course orientation programmes for international students will typically include; meetings with academic and services staff, campus andcity tours, visits to places of interest in the area and a variety of social events arranged by the Students' Union. Orientation provides a chance to get to know your fellow students before work begins.

A Mark of Quality:

  • St Martin's was rated amongst the top 10 higher Education Colleges in the Sunday Times University Guide, 16 September 2001

  • St Martin's degrees are accredited by Lancaster University

  • St Martin's is the largest provider of primary initial teacher training in the country

  • Quality Assurance Agency Audits: In QAA audits St Martin's has an average score of 20.6 (out of an individual maximum of 24)

  • St Martin's was ranked in the top 10% of all United Kingdom institutions for Graduate Employment in The Guardian Newspaper's 2001 University Guide.

A Mark of Distinction:

An unbroken record of excellence in student welfare and support services has resulted in St Martin's drop out rate being "in the lowest 10% in the United Kingdom"

(The Sunday Times University Guide, 16 September 2001).

Opportunities for Overseas students who wish to Study in the United Kingdom

International students at SMC follow many different possible patterns of study.

Options include:

  • An entire degree course lasting 3 or 4 years

  • A visit as part of a Study Abroad scheme for a term, a semester or a full year

  • A work placement

  • An exchange scheme

  • Teaching practice

  • Short courses for specific groups of students

  • Advice on practical matters such as immigration, fees, accommodation, finance and travel

  • Social events, including special events, excursions and weekends away

  • Representation of the views of international students in campus forums

  • Language support for those whose first language is not English

  • Information about scholarships and bursaries available to international students

  • A Pre-application advisory process.

International Programmes

St Martin's College

Bowerham Road



United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 1524 384303

Fax: + 44 1524 384347


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St Martin' College

International Programmes

St Martin's College

Bowerham Road



United Kingdom


+ 44 1524 384303

Fax: + 44 1524 384347