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It is almost always around 30 C temperature, the main difference is the humidity. During the rainy season which is during the months of May - November and the air is very humid. The best time to travel to Venezuela is in the months of January and February.
Language:Venezuela Languages feature 40 different languages including Spanish, which is the official language of Venezuela. The indigenous languages though are on the verge of being extinct are still used by a few people residing in Venezuela. Languages of Venezuela are not always formally spoken, as Venezuelans mostly prefer speaking informally. The foreign languages spoken in Venezuela are Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic and English.
Currency:Venezuela currency is Bolivar Fuerte. Venezuelan currency derives its name from Simon Bolivar. He was a soldier who lived in the 19th century and revolted against Spain. The image of Simon Bolivar appears on 100 bolivar fuerte banknote.
Population: The total population of Venezuela is 27, 030, 656, as established in the year 2006. The population of Venezuela is characterized by a rich cultural and traditional display. This cultural diversity in the population of Venezuela is further reflected in the diversity of religious beliefs.
Capital City: Caracas is the capital and largest city of Venezuela; natives or residents are known as Caraquenians in English (and Caraque's in Spanish) .
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