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Climate:The island experiences average temperatures of around 80 F (27 C) , with the Trade Winds providing a constant warm breeze. With no high mountains to block the sun's rays and in the absence of the type of vegetation that attracts rain clouds, Anguilla is a sun-worshipper's paradise.
Language: English is the official language spoken in Anguilla, but the locals have an
accent and way of speaking that is all their own.
Currency: Anguilla uses the Eastern Caribbean dollar, but the U.S. dollar is also widely
circulated. Learn more about the types of payment accepted on the island.
Population: Anguilla's population stood at 6, 800 as of 1987; in addition, a small number of expatriates from North America and Western Europe lived on the island. Annual population growth averaged 0.7 percent between 1982 and 1985.
Capital City:

The capital city of Anguilla is known as the Valley. Anguilla is a British
abroad territory in the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico.




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