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Climate:Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunshine year round. Long dry summers and mild winters are separated by short autumn and spring seasons.
Language:The country has two official languages: Greek and Turkish. Armenian, Cypriot Maronite Arabic and Romani are also recognized as minority languages.
Currency:The Cyprus Pound, denoted by the symbol CYP, is the official currency used in Cyprus. On May 2, 2005 the Pound joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism II, which was established in order to lessen exchange rate variability and help to attain European monetary stability.
Population:Cyprus' estimated population is 730, 000 of which 87.5 percent belongs to the Greek Cypriot community and 12, 5 percent to the Turkish Cypriot community.
Capital City:Nicosia is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Cyprus. It is also the capital to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus a state only recognised by Turkey.


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