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Climate:Lying near the equator, Guyana has a tropical climate, and temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. The year has two wet seasons, from December to early February and from late April to mid-August.
Language:English is the official language of Guyana and used, for example, in its schools. In addition, Cariban languages are spoken by a small minority, while Guyanese Creole is widely spoken.
Currency:The Guyana dollar consists of 100 cents (29.96 Guyana dollars equal U.S.$1; 1990) . The Bank of Guyana, established in 1965, is the central bank.
Population:Guyana is the third-smallest independent state on the mainland of South America (after Uruguay and Suriname) . Its population is approximately 770, 000.
Capital City:Georgetown, estimated population 239, 227, is the capital and largest city of Guyana, located in the Demerara-Mahaica region.
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