Study in South Africa

South Africa

Study in South Africa

A guide for international students


South Africa has a large higher education system comprising 21 universities, l5 Technikons (Universities of Technology) , 50 Teachers Training Colleges and scores of Agricultural and Nursing Colleges. There's also a growing private Tertiary sector, whose institutions range from Colleges to Universities. The country's research output generated by 12 500 full time academics and a similar number of research working for research councils, institutes and companies, is the biggest in Africa - thus competing with  the best in many developed countries.





South Africa is a fascinating place to study. Developing country challenges and the evolving juxtaposition of traditional and modem provide a strong higher education sector with many research opportunities. 


Scientists and social researchers in South Africa are presented with an extraordinary range of opportunities to design, test and refine solutions  to pressing social, technological and developmental problems. 

For this reason, academic life in the country is far removed from the "ivory tower" and South African academics are deeply involved with the society around them. Many universities and Technikons have excellent facilities and research departments and their academics are well qualified.


Students participate in exciting, undergraduate programs; quality research and development projects across a range of fields, and research outcomes can impact directly on the local and national scene, and have regional and global significance. 

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