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Climate:Some people imagine that Switzerland is as cold as Alaska, but this is far from the truth. In the plain, temperatures can rise to 30 C (86 F) in the summer, and even in the mountains the sun is hot. In the winter, temperatures rarely drop below minus 5 C (41 F) in the entire country, save the mountaintops.
Language:The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh.[2] Only three of these languages, however, maintain equal status as official languages at the national level within the Federal.
Currency:The Swiss franc, denoted CHF (which stands for the Confoederatio Helvetica franc) , is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The currency is used by the Central Bank of Switzerland.
Population:The population of Switzerland in 2003 was estimated by the United Nations at 7, 169, 000, which placed it as number 93 in population among the 193 nations of the world. In that year approximately 15% of the population was over 65 years of age, with another 17% of the population under 15 years of age.
Capital City:The city of Bern or Berne is the Bundesstadt (federal city, de facto capital) of Switzerland, and, with (as of December 2009) a population of 131, 000, the fourth most populous city in Switzerland.
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